Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods Dating Rumors Persist After Non-Denial

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The sports and gossip rumor mills are churning regarding Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods dating after her rep said in a statement that ... she has no comment.

"Lindsey is currently in the midst of the World Cup season in Europe," the rep said.

Lindsey Vonn is Gorgeous
Tiger Woods on the Prowl

"Her focus is solely on competing and on defending her titles and thus she will not participate in any speculation surrounding her personal life at this time."

Not exactly a "they are not dating" denial, was it?

Whether or not Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are officially an item, the skier's celebrity star power may have just gotten a bit brighter. Or a lot brighter.

The bombshell blond is a skiing staple in the sports world, but any sort of link to Tiger would propel her to the most-watched rungs of the Hollywood totem pole.

Even before Woods' serial cheating was exposed in late 2009 in one of the biggest celebrity scandals of all time, he was hugely, widely, enormously famous.

"Unless she's been living under a rock, she probably knows about his track record," says one celebrity news magazine editor of Vonn and Tiger's past.

"Anyone that is linked to him now is probably going to suffer in some way because of that. This could make her a household name, for better or worse."

Lindsey Vonn isn't totally obscure, winning gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics, and also being briefly linked to Tim Tebow at the height of his fame in 2011.

A serious relationship with Woods would trump all of that, though, especially given how his marriage to Elin Nordegren imploded after that infamous crash.

"I think people are always going to care about Tiger Woods," says another gossip publication. "But I would be surprised if he got into a long-term relationship."

"He's been really focusing on his golf and winning back fans and sponsors."

If the rumors are true, do you think they'd make a good couple?


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Only a woman desperate for money or publicity will be with a serial cheater like Tiger!!! Well, according to an article on acesshowbiz on April 2012, Lindsey Vonn had a 1.7 million dollars debt in back taxes! It seems that money$$$ talks!!!


Lyndsey please dont date that whore. he is a cheat and a home breaker. he is egoistic. he did not think about his wife or kids when he was prostituting with over 16 single girls. the girls had no fault bcos they where single but Tiger is a dog for having a wanderful family and letting them down. lyndsey u deserve better than this whore


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smmfh knocking Tiger for getn emself another white girl is pretty lame. Why don't you knock these other black athletes that are out grabbing al the white pussy they can get? Or what about all your rap stars or black movie stars? Why just Tiger? Most of these white girls are doen these black dudes just cuz they don't wanna be called racists. And who is there to defend them in their right of choice to sleep with who they want? Its easy to talk shyt about someone from a distance or behind a closed door or while wearing your KKK good but when comes time to say something when it matters most of you just hide. If you can't have the balls to speak up in girls defense rather than bash her for doen something after when it counts don't grow your manhood n courage here online.

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Lindsey, make sure he wraps it up. He's been with some skanks, skanks that take money for silence aka whores.


LOFL Tiger is uglier than eternal hell any white chick who would hook up w/ a lowlife black male is truly screwed up in her brain.The only thing he has going is money,then again white girls these days have zero morals and pretty much screw anything that isn't nailed down.White chix you do so at your own peril no white guy will want your stank azz ever again period

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Why do you even have to go there?? Lowlife black male and white chick?!? STFU and GTFO!! Go stoop that low MOFO!!


Tiger cheated...old news. Tiger is/is not dating someone new...What did you expect? Celibacy?Get real! smmfh. Lundsey join up for the sake of publicity? Most ppl want GOOD publicity...n Tiger can't give her that. Tiger Woods is actually a nice guy. He wasn't just a great black golfer, he was great regardless of skin color. The media did as much if not more destroying Tiger than making him famous. Tiger earned his game and his infamy. Tiger is equally entitled to his respect as a.golfer as Michael Jordan is in basketball. Lyndsey is also well worthy of her fame. As for there being ulterior motives...why blame the girl? Why also blame tiger? If you are a guy and had re chance for just one hour with her..wouldn't you? And you hour with Tiger just to find out what all the fuss is about..wouldn't you? It is the trend now..white girls chasing rich (and even the local drug dealer) black dudes just so the can be in fashion. They use ya n then pimp ya out. *shrugs* Ya get wat ya got! *snicker snicker ha ha * But now ya got the young white dudes wantn ta be "gangstas" too. Ask anyone of them and its just the style and hw things are now. But is it? When you idolize people of little or no moral charector..(but oh yea..this one or that one does so much for kids! (its a tax write off you idiot..they dnt give a fuck about your kid..and more publicity!) then the moral decay of everything is emminent. all earned that too


tiger woods got all of his stardom NOT because he was a great golfer BUT because he was a great BLACK golfer....the guiltridden,liberal,bleeding heart white media panders to minority male athletes (see:black) just like the gov't does in the job world (quotas,entitlements afirmative action) oh well..congrats tiger -but you're not sticking your crank anywhere a white dude hasn't already had his a gazillion times pal


Unfortunately when you are famous, you can be riding the waves and then do something stupid and throw all of that away. Unfortunately Tiger used to be known for being one of the world's greatest golfers and that's awesome but then the cheating ... not with one woman but with many while his wife was pregnant. She's carrying his baby and he knows it yet continues to cheat. He goes from the world's famous golfer to nothing but a cheater. He'll always be known now for cheating. It takes away from the previous title. He can't undo that. Nobody can. So I'm NOT giving the guy a break Ms. Billie. What's been done has been done. I can't watch the guy the same way on the golf course. He's dead to me and that's truly a shame because I couldn't wait to watch a tournament. This is truly the saddest part of Tiger's fall. It doesn't matter what he does anymore. I could care less.

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