On Wednesday, Virginia Roberts - a woman who claims to have worked as a child sex slave for Prince Andrew - accused Bill Clinton of helping conceal the sexual abuse of children that took place on a private island owned by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Today, Roberts has taken her accusations a step further by suggesting that Clinton may have taken advantage of the privacy of Epstein's secluded retreat to engage in sexual misconduct of his own.

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Hehehehe. Tom Brady talked a lot about his balls yesterday.

The New England Patriots quarterback held a press conference ahead of Super Bowl XLIX on February 1; not to answer questions about the Seattle Seahawks' defense, but to defend himself against charges of football deflation.

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Though it's the front page news in the UK, accusations that Prince Andrew (brother of Charles, Uncle to William and Harry) operated a child sex slave ring haven't been of much interest to the American press.

That may soon change, as Radar Online claims to have obtained an affidavit that names a number of high-powered American men as co-conspirators of Andrew's, including former US president Bill Clinton.

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Throughout the eight-season run of the classic sitcom that bears his name, Bill Cosby literally played the role of a father figure to Malcolm Jamal-Warner.

Beginning when he was just 14 years old, Warner played Theo Huxtable, the only son of Cosby's Dr. Cliff Huxtable, and the sometimes funny, sometimes heartfelt scenes in which Cliff imparted his fatherly wisdom to Theo quickly became the stuff of TV legend.

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Last month's Colbert Report finale left a hole in our hearts (not to mention the Comedy Central late night schedule) that's now been filled by former Daily Show correspondent Larry Wilmore.

Wilmore's The Nightly Show premiered on Monday, and the 53-year-old comic is already making waves with his controversial take on current events.

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