Kris Humphries: Herpes-Free!

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Kris Humphries does not have much of a leg to stand on in his Kim Kardashian divorce case.

Also, he does not have Herpes.

Happy Kris Humphries

In response to a long-ago lawsuit filed by Kayla Goldberg - in which she accuses the Nets power forward of slipping her the STD during a round of unprotected sex - Humphries has reportedly supplied evidence to confirm he is, in fact, clean.

According to TMZ, the documents were filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

They do not deny that a sexual tryst took place between Humphries and Goldberg, but they do offer proof that a Herpes text taken AFTER the hook-up came back negative.

Humphries is now hoping a judge will dismiss the lawsuit, sort of akin to how we all wish we could dimiss Kris Humphries from our lives.

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I so agree with the others. Stop kissing the misses andher families ass, they will eventually poop on you.


"Wish we could dismiss Kris Humphries from our lives" he doesn't even know you exist let alone read your articles. Maybe you need to practice some responsible journalism. How much do you make from this blog a year? Probably what he makes just to make it to practice not to even mention a bball game


Shame you people need lives wow lmao
Is it because Hump doesn't Kiss Hollywoods' ass that's why TMZ keeps writing shit about him lol Yall must think we're stupid or something
Girl bye