Kelly Clarkson: Photobombed by Bill Clinton!

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Simply put, Kelly Clarkson owned today's Presidential Inauguration.

The former American Idol champion impressed anyone with a pulse via her rendition of "My Country Tis of Thee" and, at one point during her performance, was photobombed by Bill Clinton.

No... really! See for yourself:

Bill Clinton Photobomb

Granted, the ex-President might not really be going for a photobomb here. But can we all pretend like he is?

Elsewhere, Clarkson caught up with fellow Inauguration performer Beyonce backstage, catching the moment on Twitter and writing as a caption:

"Me and B just hangin' out. Don't worry about it. Seriously, God did good. She is so beautiful!"

Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce

hahaha he is such an old troll :3


Decent performance but, as usual, loud and shrill in upper registers.


I did not like her singing at all
She can't hold a candle to Carrie Underwood who has such a strong voice. Csrrie should have sang


Perhaps he was looking at her as his next "conquest."

@ LarryL

That is exactly what I thought, no one knows but him,I would betcha, Clitton was dreaming of getting Kelly exactly where he desires her to be w/him,!!!

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