Jenelle Evans Bans Courtland Rogers From Hospital Post-Miscarriage

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Jenelle Evans suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage Friday morning, but instead of being by her side, husband / baby daddy Courtland Rogers is persona non grata.

She's banned him from the hospital, according to Rogers.

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“They won’t let me in!” Courtland charges, noting that his estranged wife is instead being comforted by Gary Head, her ex-fiance, in her moment of need.

“Gary answers every phone Jenelle has! They won’t let me in and her mom called the hospital and there are even cops there!” Courtland tells Radar Online.

She has been furious at her husband of just under two months ever since he left her home alone last Sunday night to go out and  wasted with his buddies.

Jenelle Evans accused him of cheating (he denies it), said she's filing for divorce ASAP and even filed assault charges against him (he denies that as well).

Rogers, who accused Head of cheating with Evans (a charge he denies), admits he's done wrong (just not cheating or abuse) and wants to make things right.

“I’m so freaking upset! This is so f**ked up! That’s my kid!” Courtland says.

It would've been, at least. Jenelle lost the baby at the eight-week point in her pregnancy. The stress of her relationship with Rogers couldn't have helped.

Despite their bitter fighting and the loss of their unborn child, Courtland says that he still loves Jenelle - and wants everybody to know about it, too.

“I am not leaving until I see my wife and kiss her!” he vowed.

“I don’t even care if the cops take me away. I f--king love Jenelle so much no matter what she has done or what she's lied about."

"You just can’t stop loving someone that easy, especially when she’s my wife.”

Best of luck with that, Courty.


This is such b.s. I don't believe she was even pregnant to begin with and more importantly, if she was, her and her "husband" (I use the term loosely) are obviously not ready to be parents. I wouldn't even say there ready to have pets, or fish for that matter. They can't take care of themselves or keep their personal business out of the press. And to think they get all this attention and stir up all this drama on twitter. Hm..


Stop reporting on this bullshit. Its a fake staged thing and it only contributes to the nonsense that this psychotic sociopath keeps putting on there.


Ahh yes the teen drama saga continues...I would rather hear about Kim K or be stabbed with a fork, they are both about the same.

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