George Lucas: Engaged to Mellody Hobson!

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Engaged to Mellody Hobson, he is.

Legendary director George Lucas announced today that he's engaged to his long-time girlfriend, who is the president of a Chicago-based investment firm and someone who has accompanied Lucas on red carpets around the world for years.

Hobson often appears on Good Morning America as a financial analyst.

Mellody Hobson and George Lucas

This will mark the second marriage for the Star Wars creator and after selling Lucasfilm to Disney for a cool $4 billion, let's just hope he got Hobson one heck of a ring.

Or at least prime seats to the Star Wars Episode 7 premiere.


He likes being IN THE DARK. She likes being IN THE MONEY. Fooling nobody.


She is a pretty girl with all the money he has he could be a cripple crab with a crutch most would marry him. These two have been seeing each other for a while. I think it is love.


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did he addopt her? they look like father and daughter. so she has to see some old man body. she is too young for this man.