Emma Stone, Bra Cover W Magazine

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A couple years ago, W featured Kim Kardashian nude.

But in the latest issue of this magazine, Emma Stone does the reality star one better. One layer better, that is.

Check out the Gangster Squad beauty in only a bra now:

Emma Stone W Cover

Aside from this revealing photo, highlights from Stone's feature include:

Getting into wardrobe for Gangster Squad: "It's time-consuming to put on a bustier and a little corset every day. But you're immediately more poised than you would be in modern-day clothes. And it makes it easy to get into character."

Presenting at the Oscars: "A lot of people thought it was something else: When I came offstage, they were saying, ‘You were so drunk!' And I wasn't. Not until after."

The movie she cries at: "The end of City Lights makes me cry every time I see it... It's echoed in every great romantic movie since then and in every great moment of life."

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Oh my god! she looks pretty and she wears bra in this W magazine.


DANG! She looks sooooooooooo much like Lindsay Lohan I can't believe my eyes. Please tell me she isn't going down the same nasty road...