Coyotes Attack Man in Washington, Warning Issued

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A trio of coyotes attacked a man in Kent, Washington this week - and now he wants to warn his neighbors about the presence of these dangerous animals.

Faron Scarberry resides next door to a school and told reporters that he was walking his pet pug when a coyote "lunged up towards" him and the dog.

Coyote attack

"I kind of pushed it away with my hand and its front claws scratched my hand and wrist,” Scarberry said. “Then one of them grabbed me by the pant leg and started shaking my leg so I just started kicking and hitting at them to get them off of me and they ran back under the fence.”

As a result of the attack, Scarberry received 26 shots for Rabies and remains very sore. He has bruised knuckles and a cut-up left arm.

But he's most concerned about those around him.

“The elementary school is right at the back of our property and the kids walk here to and from school,” Scarberry said. “I don’t want any of the kids to get hurt.

Wildlife experts do say that December and January are common times of the year for coyotes to be out looking for food. So consider this a warning to residents of Kent and elsewhere in the region.

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