Catherine Giudici: The Bachelor Front-Runner?

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Is Catherine Giudici The Bachelor's front-runner in Season 17?

She certainly make a strong impression in Monday's premiere, lighting up Sean Lowe's face the moment they met. Obviously, she accepted a rose later that night.

How far will she make it on the ABC reality show this season? The Bachelor spoilers we've posted hint at the possible outcome (follow the link if you dare).

No matter how it plays out, she'll be a great catch for someone.

A graphic designer at Amazon in Seattle by day, Catherine Giudici dabbles in food writing on the side. Yup, her side project is blogging about vegan recipes!

Wonder how Sean Lowe feels about that particular passion.

The Washington State University graduate (Class of 2008, goooo Cougars!) Catherine blogs on Seattleite and also enjoys traveling in her free time.

Bet she'll get to do a fair amount of that this winter on ABC!

What do you think? Does Catherine Giudici stand a good chance of making it to the end on The Bachelor this season? Or will one of the other girls emerge?

If so, which one? Sound off in the comments below ...


Don’t ANY of you GET IT? Catherine was only preselected so the show can reach out to its expanding Asian American female (East asian, as in Filipino, Chinese, Korean, etc.) audience. This is the large demographic group that is with white men, or prefer white men. More of those viewers = more $$$ for the show. Let me guess, one of the final dates will also be in an East Asian country?


How stupid. That brown skinned, exotic gorgeous black haired woman, happens to be very smart, and funny, and sweet, and a perfect match for that all-american boy.


oh , hell ... enough of these brown skinned , shoepolish black-haired semetic people defiling our white , fair nation .. really ...

@ joy

Enough already, Sean made his choice. He felt the so-called Chemistry between him and Catherine, let's give them a chance. No mentioning of skin colors since Catherine is more of White than Filipino blood in her. Spanish-Filipino from her Mother and Scottish-Swiss & Italian from her Father, get it!

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