Bristol Palin, Kyle Massey Settle Life's a Tripp Legal Dispute

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Bristol Palin, Kyle Massey and Lifetime have buried the hatchet over the abysmal reality show Life's a Tripp. Phew. You may now return to your lives.

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Palin's former Dancing with the Stars cast-mate and his brother were suing her and the show for $500,000; they claimed the idea was stolen from them.

We know ... they should compensate the U.S. that much for having subjected us to it.

Still, the Massey bros claimed it was their idea and they were cut out of the final project about Bristol Palin and her move to L.A. They were far from pleased.

They filed suit, but apparently it's been resolved, amicably.

A rep for the Masseys now confirms that all is settled and that an undisclosed settlement was reached, with the brothers "pleased" by the terms.

That also sums up America's reaction to its cancellation.


Hopefully the entire world has learned a lesson about the Palin family. Con artists cannot be trusted. Just because the Masseys came up with ideas about this reality show; they were the better known actors so they did all the paperwork; they offered Bristol and Tripp free board and room and even babysat Tripp so that Bristol could go partying--that doesn't mean that the Palins should share any of the wealth with them. Palins will always watch out for number one--there is no such thing as doing what is fair. Palins believe all is fair in love and war and the only thing that matters is that they get the most money.


What difference does it make that the Palins tried to screw over the Massey brothers? That's the way people like the Palins get ahead. The thing that is most important to these scumbags is that Mama Grizzly is hotter than Julianne Moore. It's all about the way you look--waste of time to worry about whether what you do is ethical or not.


We have Senator McCain to thank for unleashing this family of valley trash on the American people. Is he so senile that he cannot admit that his choice of the Queen of Greed was reckless and irresponsible? Or does he think $arah turned into this greedy monster only because she got a taste of being in the limelight? Most people only laugh when they see how Sarah's paid staff members pretend that Game Change isn't true. It is much closer to the truth than the books singing her praise written by her daughter and her daddy. If you and your staff are the only ones writing complimentary comments about this dysfunctional family--and everyone who actually does research determines that your are just a band of grifters or con artists trying to keep on the gravy train, it seems the logical person would doubt Sarah and her family's version of events. There are only so many times the average person can be told to watch Bristol's show because Tripp is so cute and says the cutest things--and then you watch the episodes and decide that the whole family is nothing but fame whores and are all wacko. Kyle is lucky he wasn't involved in this train wreck with the family of bloodsuckers.


So the list of people disgruntled by the Wasilla chillbillies gets longer. You simply cannot trust anything that the Palins do or say. Just show them the money! Masseys should have learned the lesson from this: keep your friends close; and your enemies even closer. Palins will knife anyone in the back if it gets them more attention or more money.

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