Blockbuster Closing 300 More Stores Amid Declining Sales

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Dish Network says it plans to close about 300 Blockbuster stores across the country, losing about 3,000 employees, according to the Denver Post.


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    Yeah,after all the stores closed everyone was told!


    Not all employees were told on Friday....I was just told today( Tuesday) at 6pm that my store is one of the stores being shut down, and it's not because we're nonprofitable, we've been #1 in sales and profit in the midwest region for a year straight. Blockbuster(Dish Network) doesn't care about the stores or employees. They used us to sign up customers for Dish services and now that we've gotten over 65% of our movie renting customers signed up, they don't need us or the stores anymore. Such a shame that they cant even give us something to compensate us for losing our jobs. I've been with Blockbuster for 12 years and haven't even gotten a raise except for when minimum wage was increased my pay increased to match it.....12 years!!!!

    @ Jenn T.

    Jenn, I completely understand and totally agree. I am currently the Ops manager for one of the closing locations here in Ohio. Blockbuster (DISH) is NOT closing stores because they aren't profitable. We've always had good numbers and done just fine with sales. I've been watching Dish systematically close these stores for the last 2 years. They close a couple hundred claiming they aren't "profitable", and then swear they're done closing, then a couple of months later they start it all over again. In MY opinion....Dish bought the Blockbuster name because they thought we could push their product in our stores. It was a failed business model from the start. Trying to sell a customer tv service who only wants to rent a film is like trying to sell a BMW to someone at Speedway when they only want to get gas. It's almost impossible! We RENT VIDEOS...and we do a good job of making sure our customers get what they need. We aren't failing at the job we were hired for. But...we don't sell enough of their main product, and so to THEM, we're aren't needed anymore. So...they close our stores, take our jobs, and upset the customers who still depend on us for their entertainment. I don't like the company...and I absolutely HATE how they run things. But...I have very much loved my job, my co-workers, my customers, and the awesome experiences I've had working at my store.

    @ Jenn T.

    Hi Jenn,
    What type of turnover does the store have.

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