Awful-Looking Women to Blame For Marital Problems, Pat Robertson Feels

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In his latest controversial remark, Pat Robertson believes that "awful-looking" women are predominantly to blame for a romance-deficient marriages.

Yes, he actually said this.

When a 17-year-old boy wrote to Maxim asking for advice on how to get his video game-loving dad to pay more attention to his mom, Pat had to weigh in.

On an episode of the Christian Broadcasting Network's "700 Club," he said, "It may be your mom isn't as sweet as you think ... She may be kind of hard-nosed."

Robertson then went on to to say that perhaps she should put in more effort, as "awful-looking" women can be to blame for certain marital problems:

"A woman came to a preacher that I know, and she was awful looking," he recalled.

"I mean, her hair was all torn up, she was overweight and looked terrible, clothes bad ... everything. And she said, 'Oh, Reverend, what can I do? My husband has started to drink.'"

"The preacher looked at her and said, 'Madam, if I was married to you I'd start to drink too.' We need to cultivate romance, darling! You always have to keep that spark of love alive."

"It just isn't something to just lie there, 'Well, I'm married to him so he's got to take me slatternly looking.' You've got to fix yourself up, look pretty!"

Pat blaming women's appearances for marital problems is not new. In 2010, he basically said husbands cheat because their wives stop trying.

Robertson, who has been married to his wife since 1954, sort of chalked the David Petraeus affair up to this same theory: He's a man, Paula Broadwell's hot.

Simple enough, right?

Ladies, chime in.


what does a 17 yr old wanting his dad to spend time with him more have anything to do with his mom being ugly? This is why I dont go to church.

Avatar funny that Pat Robertson thinks he's still RELEVANT!!!!! Isn't that cute?? I thought he was dead!


Really, A so-called man of God giving such heartless advise. The marraige involves 2 people and to say her looks were the cause was just mean. MI am not married but if looks is what marriage is all about then God help us all.


So ugly women are to blame for everything from alcoholism to infidelity? And men bear no responsibility for their actions? That sounds like Robertson. What does he say to hot women whose husbands cheat? And what about awful looking husbands. You know the ones, bald, no chins, haven't seen their feet in years?


For once I agree with the crazy bastard. Look at Honey Boo Boo's mom. Would you tap that?

@ Ben

heck yes I'd do her...when you are 85 years old you take what you can get buster....someday you'll see what I mean (maybe)

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