THG Celebrity of the Year Finalist #4: Kate Middleton!

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From supermodels to singers, and actors to politicians, it's that time of year once again. Time to crown the prestigious, arbitrary THG Celebrity of the Year, that is.

Who will be our 6th Annual recipient?

THG is counting down the top 10 stars of 2012, starting with #10 Adam Levine, Honey Boo Boo at #9, Kim Kardashian at #8, and President Obama at #7.

Kate Upton came in at #6, and Justin Bieber #5. Worthy nominees, all of them. Now it's time for 2012 Celebrity of the Year Finalist #4: Kate Middleton!

  • Beautiful Kate Middleton
  • Kate Middleton Smiles

It's been quite a year for Kate, and not just because SHE'S HAVING A BABY!!!!!!

Did we mention Kate Middleton is pregnant? You probably heard, if not. Or figured it out based on the exclamations of joy above. She's due in mid-2013!

Of course, even that development was marked by tragedy, one Kate had nothing to do with, after the Duchess was hospitalized with acute morning sickness.

A prank call to the hospital where she was staying led a nurse to take her own life after unwittingly spilling the beans on Kate's condition to a couple of DJs.

This wasn't the first controversy involving Kate this year, either.

The publication of Kate Middleton topless photos, taken from a great distance during the couple's holiday in France, shocked the nation and world.

  • Pregnant Kate Middleton Pic
  • Kate Middleton, Prince William Pic
  • Kate Middleton Hair Photo
  • Kate Middleton, Prince William Together

The Royal Family threatened those responsible, but the damage was done, as Middleton's (enviable) body was displayed for the entire Internet to see.

On a happier note, Kate continued to come into her own with solo appearances on behalf of various charities, all the while looking stylish as ever.

In July, she and her husband Prince William also served as British Olympic ambassadors in their awesome country, and who better could you pick?

Between Kate, William and Prince Harry naked, it was one revealing year for the royal fam - but each of them remain wildly popular with the public.

For good reason, too. As far as celebrities go, it's hard to think of a much better role model for young girls than Kate the Great, the People's Princess!

  • Sporty Kate Middleton
  • Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
  • Kate Middleton in Green
  • Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

What will 2013 bring for the gorgeous Duchess? Who the heck knows.

Actually we do know. A royal baby obviously! What should she name it? Take a look at some potential Kate Middleton baby names and weigh in!

Then share your guesses on who will be #3 in our countdown!

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