Kate Middleton Baby Names: What Should She Name Royal Heir(ess)?

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With Kate Middleton and Prince William expecting their first child in 2013, we got to thinking recently. What should the royal bundle of joy be named?

Ever since the news that William got Kate Middleton pregnant broke, speculation has been swirling regarding its gender, and what they will call it.

Kate Middleton With Prince William

One thing's for sure: The baby will be the heir(ess) to the throne behind William, thanks to a change in the rules of succession. A very cool thing.

What will the future King or Queen of the UK and all its territories be called?

It won't be something original, that's a safe bet. The royal family is steeped in tradition, so expect that to continue with an old-fashioned, classic choice.

Here are 13 suggestions for 2013's #1 celebrity baby:

  1. Albert. A regal moniker often found in national lore.
  2. Alice. Sweet, pretty, classic and popular in Britain.
  3. Arthur. King Arthur, people. Think about it.
  4. Caroline. After Catherine's mom Carole?
  5. Charlotte. A feminization of Charles (as is Caroline), and thus a perfect choice for Charles' granddaughter, as both will reign one day.
  6. Diana. Would they go there? Despite William's reverence for his late mother, he may not want to invite the comparisons (a middle name is another story).
  7. Eleanor. Symbolic of strength in challenging environs.
  8. Frederick. Regal in full form, cute/trendy as Freddie.
  9. George. Without a doubt one of the most famous male names throughout British history; Queen Elizabeth II's grandfather was named George.
  10. James. Does it get more traditionally British?
  11. Matilda. See Leopold, only for girls.
  12. Philip. Would be a nod to the Queen's husband and the boy's great-grandfather, Prince Philip. A likely choice for a middle name, if not.
  13. Victoria. One of the most famous queens in British history, but also a name signifying great history and strength, while remaining popular today.

What do you think of these 13 Kate Middleton baby names? Do you like them, or do you fancy others such as Alexandra and Edward, or others entirely?

Vote in the surveys below and share your comments with us!

What should Kate Middleton and Prince William name a girl?

What should Kate Middleton and Prince William name a boy?


how about Spencer Philip Charles


i think spencer should be concidered as a middle name as a nod towards his mother diana spencer


Prince David !!


Diana's brother Charles, named his youngest daughter Charlotte Diana, so Charlotte is out. Alexandra Diana Georgiana Elizabeth Alexandra = Alexandra of Denmark (Camilla's great-grandmother Alice Keppel was mistress to Alexandra's husband King Edward VII) Diana = William's mother Georgiana = Georgiana Spencer (Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire - Diana was her great-great-grandniece via an illegitimate daughter). All three women share a similar life story - thought people would've picked up on that. Elizabeth = self explanatory For the male version, Alexandra was changed to Alexander. Diana's middle name was Frances, Francis for male, Georgiana to George and Elizabeth replaced with Michael to honour Michael Middleton.

Valeria valeria

Kate Middleton for a girl,Tinky ,Party,Cossie,Poppy,Tinderyous for boy Perfect forthe workingclass woman who married monarchy.The future hier to a partygoods store.Wiiliam of partygood and his wife Katherine Middleton Partygood the hier to Middleton gchildrenstore .Yes this woman workingclass nonroyal blood produces workingclass child of norevelence to the crown.William,Katherine and Baby Consutty.Workingclass future by the blood..

Valeria valeria
@ Va'leria Valeria

Fact the princess term isn't a right of workingclass consort to william.Try no hrh ,and basic name for their nonroyal hier.


Girl: Charlotte Elizabeth Rose or Mary Diana Victoria.
Charlotte ( a feminine variation of Charles) hasn't been used in the royal family for almost 200 years. Elizabeth to honor the queen and Rose to honor the queen's sister Margaret. Mary has not been used for 60 years. Diana for William's mother of course. Victoria for connection with the past. Boy: John Philip Nicolas Alexander or John Michael Nicolas Alexander. John, one of the most popular boys' names, has not been used in the royal family for more than 90 years and there has only been 1 King John. He was 700 years ago. Philip or Michael to honor either Prince Philip or Michael Middleton. Nicolas to honor Lord Mountbatten's grandson killed by the IRA and Alexander sounds impressive and royal. Unused by the royal family for more than 150 years.


Elizabeth Diana Rose for a girl or Richard William James for a boy.

Valeria valeria

workingclass married to monarchy is not royal hier.Try a workingclass name Hardee Consutty the child of a removed monarchy William and workingclass Katherine Middleton Consutty....Perfect for never to be crown people.


Matilda Mary Elizabeth Anne Victoria Trixie for a girl. William Henry Stephen Richard John Edward James Charles George Spike for a boy.


queen: ALICE......
king: JUSTIN.....(justice for all)

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