Instagram Sued Over Terms of Service Changes

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It looks like Kim Kardashian isn't the only person upset over the new Instagram Terms of Service agreement.

Southern California-based law firm Finkelstein and Krinsk has filed a class action lawsuit against the photo-sharing service, referring its altered policy to federal court in hopes of barring any changes to users' contracts.

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"Instagram is taking its customers property rights while insulating itself from all liability," says the firm in the filing. "In short, Instagram declares that 'possession is nine tenths of the law and if you don't like it, you can't stop us.'"

Controversy has arisen over the recently-released policy, which clients have interpreted as giving Instagram the right to sell one's images to advertisers and third parties, royalty-free.

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom has released a statement that attempts to quell these concerns, but celebrities such as Kardashian have threatened to leave the service unless the policy changes are revoked.

But this isn't good enough for the law firm.

"The purported concessions by Instagram in its press release and final version of the new terms were nothing more than a public relations campaign to address public discontent," the complaint reads.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, has responded to the class action suit, deeming it "without merit" and adding: "We will fight it vigorously."

Any Instagram user in the state of California - are you reading this, Kim? - is eligible to join the class action.