The Voice Results: Who Made the Final 4?

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This was, without a doubt, The Voice results show of the year so far.


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    I think it should be between Terry McDermtt and Nicholas David


    Yuck! Why Cassadee Pope you tone deaf morons? Why pick a mediocre whining voice when there was awesomeness like Amanda Brown, Sylvia Yacoub and Cody Belew!


    i know that trevon will win he is superb


    America got obama wrong and now Amanda Brown wrong what is wrong with people!!! Amanda was by far the best singer on the show!!!! stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!


    Overall America got it 50/50. Melanie songs all sound the same very similar to Dia from Blake's team the 1st season. Amanda is versatile, I like that on an album. Since Adam has a label; he should definitely sign her!
    Nicholas and Terry should sing current songs; is all their music going to be retro if they win? Cassadee is a good singer; however, I don't feel any emotion in her singing...of the team left Trevin should win but will probably be Cassadee because she appears to be the most popular. I am Team Adam and since his team is out of the game...I don't really care who wins now; but I do hope that the top 6 get signed to labels because for the most part...they are pretty good!


    We haven't heard much from the winners of the past seasons. They were great singers--but nothing new. Nick is the real deal. He looks different and his voice is unusual. He definitely is in a class of his own in the competition


    Sigh. I knew Melanie would be expelled eventually but I really had my money on Amanda as the winner. She has the biggest voice, which is usually how the viewers vote for these contests. Well, that means Cassadee has a much greater chance at winning since her popularity is so high. My DISH coworker agrees and we've been watching the iTunes charts to see who is selling the most recordings. The results shows aren't as interesting since there is a lot of filler so I use my DISH Auto Hop feature on my Hopper so I don't have to watch as long and I can watch another show afterwards. That is nice since I have the X Factor to fit in each week too.

    @ JimmyMackey

    JimmyMackey...You are a Genius! I agree with you 100%


    ADAM Stop giving the pour folk who stood in line to see the show a hard time, you are NOT that important even though you arrive in a lemo through the back door, with out fans you would just be another guy in line. Pompus Ass Adam


    so proud of America who votes out side the beautiful/sexy box, You Rock !


    I really enjoyed Amanda however she was often flat. Not horribly flat but enough to make those of us with a trained musical ear wince. Sorry folks but unless you were born with perfect pitch you actually have to train your ear to hear these flaws. If you didn't hear them then you are not trained. It is like a chef who can discern all of the ingredients in a dish because he has trained his palate. It takes time and effort, and most people are not born with the natural ability.

    @ Mike

    Casadee Pope is sharp more time than not. Her voice is undisguishable from countless irrelevant young adult pop artist. She finds a point in every song to hit the same high note. She sounds like she is whining. Not to mention she has had a career so the Voice cannot claim they discovered her. This what happen year....boring.

    @ Lovely Jones

    You guys just need to shut up and leave Cassadee alone. We are suppose to help encourage people to fulfill their dreams not bring them down. So if you don't have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut.

    @ Patricia Fenninger

    Why are you on a website asking people to honestly express their opinions on a television show being presented for public consumption if you don't want to hear peoples opinions? There are two poll questions right above the comments section if you didn't notice. What I am reading in your comment is "If you don't agree with my opinion keep your mouth shut" I am not here to boost someones self esteem I am here to have an honest discussion on the merits of performers on The Voice. As far as I can tell most of the comments that people are making are fairly polite and nobody is attacking the performers personally, we are just giving an honest critique. Maybe she will read these comments and be encouraged to convince us that she is better than we have perceived. I am not in anyone's camp. If someone who I have previously voted for tanks a performance I will vote accordingly. This should be a competition of performance abilities not some sort of cult of personality.

    @ Lovely Jones

    Lovely Jones.... Nowhere in my post did I make any mention or endorsement of Cassadee. I am not a fan of hers. And I agree she also has pitch issues. All of the contestants to some point have had pitch issues. I have even heard the "laser pitch" Terry miss quite a few times, but he usually slides into the correct pitch quickly so it is less painful to listen to. Cassadee's vocals are thin and lack genuine emotion. The three remaining men are much more interesting than her but do not possess her generic star power.

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