The Voice Recap: Top 3 Perform Once More, With Feeling

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The Voice's three remaining singers - Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott and Nicholas David - gave it their all Monday in hopes of winning it all Tuesday night.

With stars so talented, yet divergent in style, it's anyone's game.

The three stars' teams have no relevance, with the coaches unable to sway the outcome beyond whatever their praise after the performances is worth.

Who will America crown the winner of The Voice Season 3?

Will it be Cassadee Pope, the pop-rock-turned-country cutie who reprised her signature performance of "Over You" in addition to Faith Hill's "Cry"?

Will it be Terry McDermott, whose "I Want to Know What Love Is" made him a contender, and whose "Broken Wings" cover served as his final song?

Will it be soulful Nicholas David, who treated us to his defining cover "Lean on Me" and a fired-up medley of "Great Balls of Fire" and (yes) "Fire"?

Clearly, any of the three would be worthy. But who'll get the votes?

Which performance above was your favorite on the night? Your least favorite? Let us know who you think will, and should, win The Voice, and vote in our poll:

Who should win The Voice of these top three stars?


Cassadee is boring and far too mainstream.......

@ Me

I totally agree, boring, i dont like her at all! I Think Yerry should win this! Even if he doesnt, he will get a contacts and outsell her anyday! She already had a failed band, teeny bobbers like her. I LOVE TERRY'S MUSIC!!!


Well based on your poll, I agree with the majority, thinking that Cassadee’s going to take it. But they’re all so talented…who knows who’s going to win? I’m anxious to find out though. I figured their last performance was going to be a barn burner, that’s why I was pretty bummed last night when I had to run out of the house at the last minute and realized I forgot to set my DVR. Luckily a little while back one of my DISH coworkers talked me into getting a Hopper, which is a whole-home DVR that DISH put out, and it has this feature called PrimeTime Anytime that records all four of the major networks every evening during primetime. So it automatically recorded The Voice for me, and I was able to catch up this morning before I ended up overhearing spoilers.

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