The Voice Recap: The Fab Four Let It Be, Kill It

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The Voice's top four singers gave it their all Monday night in hopes of making it to next week's finals. With a quartet of stars with such talent and divergent styles, it's anyone's game.

The singers' teams have no relevance - Christina and Adam don't have a team - but it was a good night for both Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green, whose proteges shone bright.

Who will America save, and who will go after four terrific, stripped down performances?

Cassadee Pope continued to look, act and sound the part of a pop star with Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy", while teammate Terry McDermott's "Let it Be" was close to perfection ...

How did Blake's students compare to Cee Lo's?

Nicholas David's "You Are So Beautiful" brought the house down, while Trevin Hunte delivered another stirring ballad performance with Bette Midler's "Wing Beneath My Wings" ...

Good luck handicapping this field! Which performance above was your favorite? Your least favorite? Let us know who you think should be going home tomorrow, and vote in our poll:

Who should win The Voice of these top four stars?


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The one who comes in second will be the true winner...

Catherine ross

I thought last night was pretty lackluster compared to previous weeks, but my DISH co-workers and I all really loved Terry’s performance. He probably won’t be able to upset Cassadee for the win, but if anyone has a legitimate shot at doing that, it’s him. I’m willing to bet Trevin goes home tonight, but it will be interesting to see what happens. I won’t be around to watch the results show live tonight, but my DISH Hopper is all set up to tape it for me. I didn’t even have to set a DVR timer because I have the PrimeTime Anytime feature turned on. Everything on each of the four major networks gets recorded for me automatically during the prime time hours. It definitely makes my life easier.


Terry was AMAZING! nick next different voices. Cassadee had a fame and Trevin had pitch problems should go home


I have no interest now that all the truly good singers have been eliminated. Whats left stinks!!! None of em will have careers in music you watch. Thus far The Voice has not produced a singer who has made it big million selling records etc..... I'll watch next Spring.


Sir Paul gave his approval for Terry! That is AMAZING and it says it all. Terry should win this hands down.
Awesome music, awesome new cd. Lotus Crush!!


Terry McDermott messed up the lyrics to The Beatles "Let It Be" a total of FOUR TIMES! Ouch!
Blake called that precious song "Sacred Ground," and I agree! It should not have been tread upon so sinfully on national TV.
Besides some painful pitch problems, the 4 lyrical Sins were:
1. Verse 1, line 4 should be "SPEAKING words of wisdom" (not "WHISPER words of wisdom")
2. Verse 2, Line 1 should be "BROKEN HEARTED" (not "LONELY hearted")
3. Verse 2, Line 3 should be "FOR though they may be parted" (not AND though they may be parted)
4. Verse 3, Line 3 should be "I WAKE UP TO the sound of music" (not muddle muddle inaudible "and though there is the sound of music") What a shame.
Oh, so painful to endure.

@ teresa

Jealous are we?? Lol

@ teresa

Wow, you need to get a life!


these kind of people can't deal stardom.

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