Suzy Favor Hamilton, Former Olympian, Apologizes for Life as an Escort

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Suzy Favor Hamilton, a former U.S. Olympian in track and field, issued a formal apology today after her life as an escort in Las Vegas was exposed.

In a story on The Smoking Gun, the 44-year old admitted she has worked under the alias "Kelly Lundy," for the past year, selling herself for $600 an hour.

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Favor Hamilton lives with her husband, Mark, and seven-year daughter and told the website that the former "tried to stop" her and "wasn't supportive" of the escort lifestyle at all.

We wonder why.

"I take full responsibility for my mistakes. I’m not the victim and I’m not going that route,” Favor Hamilton said. “I’m owning up to what I did. I would not blame anybody except myself. Everybody in this world makes mistakes. I made a huge mistake. Huge.”

What was the appeal of this vocation? The runner took to Twitter today and tried to explain:

"I was drawn to escorting in large part because it provided many coping mechanisms for me when I was going through a very challenging time with my marriage and my life. It provided an escape from a life that I was struggling in. It was a double life."

Favor Hamilton competed in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympics; she did not medal in any of the events, but was a nine-time NCAA champion at the University of Wisconsin.

"I cannot emphasize enough how sorry I am to anyone I have hurt as a result of my actions and greatly appreciate the support from family and those closest to me," the runner Tweeted. "I fully intend to make amends and get back to being a good mother, wife, daughter, and friend."


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Umm umm I'd pay for some of that sweet pooty tang!


Her apology was a great "PR move." HOWEVER, being an escort is not illegal. Prostitution should be decriminalized as you cannot regulate morality. The "morals" involved in her job choice is nobody's business but her husbands, so why does she owe the public an apology? Why in our society is it wrong to WORK FOR A LIVING (yes, it IS the oldest profession and a business, and I might add, a very lucrative one at that!) but acceptable to live off the government (working society's paychecks) collecting welfare/AFDC, etc? -Cheri Woods
Author, Death Row Madam: Exposing sex and drugs in the entertainment industry

@ Cheri Woods

You know - maybe your right! After all- is it really that bad if someone shows pictures to your daughter in 5 years- when she's 12 .... That say... This is your mother DOGGIE STYLE... HERE'S ONE OF HER GIVING HEAD! People like you that will justify any moral thing because of the need of selfishness - you are what's wrong. Parenting ! Parenting- Your setting a God Damn example! Who are you people!


This woman is a carbon copy as to what is exactly what is wrong with this self centered people of this country. Not satisfied with what she has ---wanting to have it all. Can't stand being out of the "Spot Light" and only when she is exposed does she apologize and blame it on depression and to call this a coping mechanism? For the love of God- She is priceless!

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