Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder: "Comfortably Numb" at Sandy Relief Concert

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In an awesomely unexpected duet, Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder performed "Comfortably Numb" at the 12-12-12 Concert For Sandy Relief last night.

Pink Floyd's former frontman welcomed the Pearl Jam rocker for a rendition of Rogers' 1979 hit, one of many from his band's iconic double album The Wall.

Watch their crowd-pleasing performance below:

Performances from New York-New Jersey area heavy hitters Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi helped raise $30 million from ticket sales alone.

That's before the marathon concert's telethon raised countless millions more, a wonderful and necessary feat as the region recovers from Hurricane Sandy.

In her surprise appearance last night, Kristen Stewart informed us that New Jersey alone sustained $37 billion in damage from the late October storm.

Rogers and Vedder weren't the only surprise duet of the evening. Coldplay's Chris Martin and REM's Michael Stipe joined forces on "Losing My Religion."

Oh, and Paul McCartney stood in for Kurt Cobain for a Nirvana reunion of sorts, joining surviving members Dave Grohl and Krist Novocelic on stage. Unreal.


Get your facts straight... Pink Floyd didnt write The Wall, that is the sole property of Roger Waters because he wrote the entire album, they performed it as PF in the begining but when they split that is the reason PF now with David Gilmore cannot perform a single song off The Wall, just as Roger cannot perform ANY other PF song from any of the previous albums and why David Gilmore and the others retained the rights to the name Pink Floyd ... AND Roger may have sounded bad on this show because their sound system sucked but I went to both the Tampa and Orland shows for The Wall and he ROCKED it, true, he cant get quite as high as he used to but that really doesnt matter because he DOES still sound good.

@ phantompoet

The Wall is accredited to Pink Floyd, even Roger wouldn't deny that. He may have wrote the album, but he signed off on it being a Pink Floyd album. He has his facts right, now you get yours.


I think Waters is a bit washed up - he can't carry a tune anymore - even with a bucket.

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