Rob Parker Apologizes for Robert Griffin III "Cornball Brother" Rant

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Still on suspension by ESPN, Rob Parker has offered a public apology for the race-based rant he went on last week against Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

On First Take, the reporter referred to Griffin as a "cornball brother" and said he's a pretend African-American, partly because the rookie is married to a white woman.

"I blew it and I'm sincerely sorry," Parker Tweeted today. "I completely understand how the issue of race in sports is a sensitive one and needs to be handled with great care."

Parker continued:

"This past Thursday I failed to do that. I believe the intended topic is a worthy one. Robert's thoughts about being an African-American quarterback and the impact of his phenomenal success have been discussed in other media outlets, as well as among sports fans, particularly those in the African-American community.

"The failure was in how I chose to discuss it on First Take, and in doing so, turned a productive conversation into a negative one."

Parker said he's contacting the player's agent in hopes to talk to Griffin and "will take the time to consider how I can continue to tackle difficult, important topics in a much more thoughtful manner."

Is this enough? Should ESPN end Parker's suspension?

Or should ESPN fire the journalist?


He can't be racist, he's talking about a black guy and, oh look, HE'S black! If he made remarks about a white athlete and race, then that's a diff. thing.


*Engaged. He's engaged to a white woman, not married.


No one should ever apologize for being what they are... In this case a racist. Apologize for what? Getting caught? Apology is just "Part 2" of embarrassing your ass even more. No worries though, if Parker would have been white he would have been fired! Just how does this equality work? From the looks of it only whites can be racist or that's what people are lead to beleive.


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