Matt Lauer: Taunted by Viewers, Described as "Miserable"

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Count Matt Lauer among those who cannot wait to see the calendar flip to 2013.

Over the past few months, Lauer has been blamed for both the ousting of Ann Curry and The Today Show's floundering ratings.

Sources even say we may see Matt Lauer fired soon if more viewers don't tune in to NBC on weekday mornings.

Lauer, Matt

With this pressure hanging over him, network insiders tell TMZ Lauer is "miserable" and is facing constant taunting on the streets, as Today fans refer to him as a "bad guy" and throw Curry's poorly handled departure in his face.

Lauer feels "abused," according to the source, who adds of the harassment: "It's driving him crazy. He's so unhappy."

Lauer also denies any involvement in Curry's firing, but many continues to insist he only signed a new $25 million contract this year because he was told Curry would be a goner.

Still, don't look for Lauer to be going anywhere any time soon.

With many believing potential replacement Willie Geist isn't ready for the job, NBC has no replacement for one of their most recognizable employees.

Do you hope that changes in the near future, however? Sound off now: Should The Today Show fire Matt Lauer?



I watch the today show everyday, but it's not the same as it used to be. Was one of my favorite show. I only watch it now because of Al Roker and Matt Lauer, and Natalie. Natalie is great doing news and so sweet. Maybe rating dropping because viewers want the old Today's Show back. With the whole gang Katie, Al, Matt and Ann. Thats when the show was fun to watch. Willie and Savannah no.


Matt needs to go! Savannah is terribly annoying her comments are child like. Ughh!! I use to love today show but now I can't stand to watch. To bad for NBC Ann was the best....what in the world were they thinking?


I have stopped watching the Today show because Matt Isn't hosting as much. Hello GMA


What I heard was that Anne Curry prefered hard news to entertainment and cooking segments and wanted out of her contract. I can see how rerporting news stories would be more enjoyable and thrilling than working with Martha Stewart, and intervewing the hear today, gone tomorrow people who parade through the morning talk shows.Lauer is the heart and soul of the Today Show, and if he leaves, they might as well shut the doors and show reruns of something else!


Reply to Matt Lauer


So...that insufferable and jerky Matt Lauer feels "abused" and is so unhappy? Well, too bad and THE OH AND THE WELL!!!!! This is what happens when one acts like an arrogant bully...KARMA KARMA!!!!! And, I agree with Lisi...Matt needs to go away on so many levels...NOW!!!!!!


I'm still waiting for him to be gone. I will never watch star jones either. Can't stand anything that comes out of her mouth!!


Remember he harasses Meredith in the beginning , too


Maybe people are just realizing that mainstream media is garbage. You can't blame him for that.


Matt Lauer is creepy... kind of like actor Arye Gross. He needs to go on many levels.

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