Kim Kardashian on Instagram Kontroversy: All About My Kareer!

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Let's give Kim Kardashian points for honesty. And hilarity.

The giant-breasted reality star has openly taken issue with Instagram because the company's new Terms of Service agreement can be interpreted as giving it permission to sell client photos without compensating the user.

What is Kim's main issue with this controversial addendum?

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"I just don't think they should have the right to sell [our photos] to advertising companies on our behalf," Kardashian told TMZ yesterday. "What if we don't want to advertise what they want?

HA! That's a good one, Kim Kardashian. When was the last time you didn't want to advertise with a company?

Oh, right. When you weren't paid for it.

In reality, this is an understandable point of contention for Kim and any Instagram client, although the company's CEO says the wording has been misunderstood and Instagram cannot actually sell your likeness to the highest bidder.

Still, will Kim take her nearly six million followers to another photo-sharing site?

"I just hope they revise it," she said ominously of the Instagram policy.


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Kim Kardashian on Instagram Kontroversy: All About My Kareer!
Now tell me it's not real!
Good luck!


Okay I heard a rumor that they were going to make a movie out of that self-pub book on Amazon, IF YOU COME TO CALIFORNIA......I heard KIM was going to play Vanessa hahahaha I thought that was so funny. She kind of is like that character.


her career threatened? girl, just go stand in Sears and try to sell your clothes, you'll be fine


She has a career? I wasn't aware of that, unless you call ripping off the public by being a publicity joke for the last ten years or so a "career." The fact that this woman has become a wealthy celebrity is only further proof of how low the American public has sunk in culture and taste and levels of interest by rewarding this caricature of American beauty ideals with a multi-million dollar fortune. She is truly repulsive in every way.

@ Jimmy T

She has been famous since 2007, that's five years, if you can add. I will agree, America has fallen. The fact that she is so hated says everything. What has she done? A sextape? Big deal. Shows cleavage? LOL. This is a joke, right? The fact that people can hate a woman for those reasons? I would mention some others, but they are all conspiracy theories, which have as much fact as Santa Claus. Repulsive? Are you a homosexual? If you were to look at her and be repulsed, there's something seriously wrong with you.


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