Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013 Swimsuit Issue Preview: Model Heats Up Antarctica!

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Forget climate change. The greatest threat to civilization may have manifested itself this week when Kate Upton traveled to the Antarctic to pose for SI's 2013 swimsuit issue.

That'll melt some glaciers REAL fast … girl has no regard for human life!

Kate Upton Bikini Photo Shoot

According to TMZ, which acquired these unreal Kate Upton photos, the model and a camera crew boarded a private 10-day cruise from Argentina to Antarctica.

The photos were shot both on the cruise, with massive icebergs as a backdrop, as well as on the penguin-filled islands off the coast of the frozen continent.

With temperatures as low as minus-35 (not a typo), Kate Upton's bikini photos had to be taken carefully, in chunks of just a few minutes at a time.

The rest of the time, she was bundled up ... fortunately for her, not so much us.

Look for more amazing pictures like these come January-February 2013!

Kate Upton Bikini Shoot (SI)
Kate Upton SI Bikini Photo Shoot
Kate Upton Photo Shoot

No wonder Kate came in at #6 on our Celebrity of the Year countdown ... although we're starting to reconsider not ranking her even higher than that.


You could seat a family of 8 around that gut.


okay im sorry but i think she has let herself go and SI will just photoshop away at her stomach which is sad....just because you have big boobs doesnt mean ppl will ignore that big ole gut

@ felicia

Thank you! That flesh belt is how she stayed warm in that weather. How does a twenty year old professional swimsuit model have a gut like that?

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