Kardashian Christmas Card: Where's Kanye West?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be growing closer by the day, but it will take a lot more than a few public displays of affection for the rapper to truly be a part of reality TV's First Family.

As long as Kim's ring finger and womb remain barren, an insider tells In Touch, West will "not [be] on the family Christmas card."

Kardashian Siblings

“Kim has never had a boyfriend on the family Christmas card," the source says. "The only guy she's ever had on the family card was her first husband. If she marries Kanye, he’ll be on the card.

Wait, then how was Scott Disick on the 2011 Kardashian Christmas card?

"If they get pregnant before they get married, it will have to be discussed with the family. That’s how Scott got on the cards," adds the insider.

The tabloid has actually see the holiday tradition and it includes a reference to Kim's late kitten, Mercy.

Reads the opening line:

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, Kim was waiting for Santa, while her cat Mercy played with a mouse. Kendall and Kylie hung their stockings on the chimney with care, as Rob was wondering why his SOCK designs were not there!"

Shoot us now. Please.


She is alone in delivery and will end up alone with Kanye. He is a runner and he has done it before so he will do it again. That grouchy puss on his face makes one wonder who would want him anyway. Oh that is right no one with a brain.


Kim claimed the paparrazzi put her fetus's life in jeapardy but it is kim who is doing it to her fetus. She knows the limelight brings fans and photos. Quit blaming others for what YOU do to yourself which includes YOUR fetus inside.


Get ready Kim . It's going to be your baby to raise. Why in the H--- would you buy a house with Kenya. It's going to be a lonely place for you and the baby,


He really needs some psychiatric help!!!


The Kardashians are users, everything they do is to get something for nothing. From the mother to Kim, to any Kardashian. If it makes money good or bad its okay. Kayne may have other things up his sleeve but Kim is a liar and cannot be considered to tell the truth in the end. Her and her mother are in it for the money to the point of prostituting themselves. The father was an honest man, however the family now minus the Jenner's are no trustworthy.

Lyle lafee

Kanye west will be heading south sooner than anyone may think.

@ Lyle Lafee

My thoughts exactly!


I think Kim is just playing it smart with keeping him out of everything. She just got out of a bad realationship and wants to keep her personal life out. I don't blam her. I am happy for her and there new baby on the way. I think it has made her grow up a lot. She is beautiful and so is all of her sister's. Kim I wish you the best in life and congrat's to the both of you on your new baby. You are going to be an amazing mom♥♥

Lyle lafee
@ Stephanie Inman

Really for the most part parents seem to raise their children,the way they were,for the baby sake sure hope.it is a boy.then on the other hand Rob Kardashian is not all that bright is is truly his mothers son.


And yet people are still buying into whatever junk this family is selling. Always good to hear what families who complain about their low family budget are spending money on. Keep making this family, and all other so called reality familes, richer. Afer all they are the one's running to the banks laughing with all their money.


I only opened this because I thought Kanye was leaving. What a disappointment !

@ Lake


Lyle lafee

Marjorie you are truly brain washed


Come on, Bruce Jenner....put it in high gear before it's too late and Kris has your daughter branded a 'ho
like the rest.

@ Sassy1000001

When I did watch Bruce was adamant to not have his daughters subjected to that life style. I do not know what happened. Run? he is a wimp!

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