Harry Styles Tattoo Visit: Taylor Swift on the Scene!

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Harry Styles has himself a new tattoo; and it's clearer than ever, a new girlfriend with whom to share it.

The One Direction member stopped Shamrock Tattoo Parlor in Los Angeles this week, adding more ink to an ever-growing collection, but doing it this time with Taylor Swift by his side.

Tattoo artist Freddy Negrete posted a photo of himself and the couple on Instagram, showing off both Harry's fresh pirate ship and the singer who likely stared at it that night in bed:

Harry Styles tattoo pic


In Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble video, she hangs with a young man (played by Reeve Carney) who also gets a tattoo.

We're not sure what that means. But we're guessing Taylor will let us know in a future song.


if these sort of people are the future of america.........START PRAYING RIGHT AWAY!!


What is with these young men and their horrible tattoos? They have so many of them, and most of them are just awful. I bet they regret them in a few years.

@ Samantha

yah! why harry? if humans were meant to have tattos, why did got create us without tattos? natural skin is the best! fresh and clean skin is the best, like taylor! infact, taylor shouldnt have let him get one! if she cares about his health! but i guess i cant blame taylor, everyone wants tattos these days! dont know why?!

@ mileycyrusno1fan

yeah no sense at all. i agree

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