Fiscal Cliff Deal Not Happening Due to GOP "Dictatorship," Harry Reid Says

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said we are more than likely headed over the fiscal cliff and called the GOP-controlled House of Representatives a "dictatorship." 

An extremely poor one, but a dictatorship just the same.

Boehner and Reid

Just how bad the fiscal cliff will suck remains to be seen, as does how long it takes to strike a deal. But it looks inevitable that the Dec. 31 deadline will pass, Reid lamented.

He took to the Senate floor to declare his frustration with Congress' other chamber as the deadline to deal with the so-called fiscal cliff rapidly approaches.

Reid argued that House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) could easily end the standoff and avert the across-the-board tax hike in 2013 this afternoon.

Simply by bringing up legislation the Senate already passed, he could extend Bush-era tax cuts for income under $250,000, covering 98 percent of taxpayers.

But Reid charged that Boehner won't do that because he only caters to his own party and only brings up legislation supported by a majority of Republicans.

"The American people I don't think understand the House of Representatives is operating without the House of Representatives," Reid said.

"It's being operated by a dictatorship of the Speaker of the House, not allowing the vast majority of the House of Representatives to get what they want."

"If the 250 were brought up, it would pass overwhelmingly," Reid said, referring to the cut-off for income tax cuts passed by the U.S. Senate.

He also noted that Democrats in the House and enough Republicans would back it.

"What goes on in this country shouldn't be decided by 'the majority,' it should be decided by the whole House of Representatives," Reid said.

"The speaker, he said, 'No, it has to be a majority of the majority,'" Reid added.

The Senate leader also suggested Boehner is stalling because after December 31, Boehner won't have forced Tea Party members to take a tough vote on raising taxes.

In other words, at that point, taxes will have gone up on everyone, so lowering all or most of them back to where they were December 31 is somehow more palatable.

And likely to keep Boehner in place as Speaker.

"John Boehner seems to care more about keeping his speakership than keeping the nation on firm financial footing," Reid charged, then went further.

Reid also sugested Boehner must be especially weak at being a dictator, noting that his attempt last week to pass a "Plan B" fizzled at the start.

"He has so many people over there that won't follow what he wants," Reid said. "That's obvious from the debacle that took place that week. It was a debacle."


You liberals party is coming to a close. The "OBAMACARE" taxes are surfacing for the 1st time. OBAMAS going to go off the cliff because he refuses to cut entitlements. Republicans -"We" refuse to raise taxes without controlling the debt. I'm sure it's hard for a selfish democrat to understand people that want their children to have a debt free future, Afterall your the type of shit that wants free contraception-unlisted abortions and don't care about a damn job. You are swine. We are about to let you shit yourself because we want obama to fail! We won't the country to hold him soley responsible because- He is! He is an imposter who is actually a MUSLUM communist. Your are his sick followers. 2013 will be hard for you because we will not give your shit any longer. One thing about it- 2013 will be a year that you WTF up- like it or not.

@ NoBama

Something is wrong with you.


Boehner should be ousted, did he not hear the American voters on election day...expecially the Republicans that voted for President Obama? The House should not receive wages during this period of terrorizing the American people by the GOP.

@ Really?

I'm sick of the republicans and they're rich don't care about nothing but me and mine I have plenty money to bad about you poor and middle class people.

@ sick in mo. of republicans

you in the first comment you are so intelligent for your language cussing miss spelling of words and your miserable respect for the president of the united states what ever happened to united we stand divided we fall. president Ronald Reagan would be considered a democrat now and would most probable be in great dismay as to his party's actions.

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