Chris Brown Smokes Three Joints at the Same Damn Time in Amsterdam

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Chris Brown is presently in Amsterdam, where smoking weed is legal.

Hence the photos below of the singer making the most of this fact.

Chris Brown Smoking Weed
Chris Brown Smokes Weed

Brown and his posse documented what looks like an EPIC pot-smoking session on Instagram, obviously, ensuring that Team Breezy can vicariously enjoy a contact high.

If they're done issuing death threats to Jenny Johnson, that is.

Fortunately, Chris takes his status as a role model very seriously as we know, so he was sure to issue a disclaimer with the pics: "dont worry, its medicinal."

Phew. Brown is set to perform live in Amsterdam on December 6. Fans may want to consider asking for a refund now if any more photos like this pop up.

Dude's gonna be baked out of his mind.

On the plus side, it's nice to see him branching out with the pics since returning to Twitter. We've all see enough hot Rihanna photos to last a lifetime at this point.

Zi jones

how mature. and thank you chris brown for giving smokers a bad name, again, by exhibiting childlike behavior with the use of marijuana.


BFD! He broke the bank dressing like a member of thecTaliban on Halloween. Guess this moron didn't know they drove airplanes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and started a war ten years ago that has taken a great many Anerican lives. But why bother this guy has respect for nothing.

@ Spare me

Actually, no plane hit the Pentagon, it was the missle aimed at the plane that eventually was shot down over open water. In the end, same thing.


I sure do love weed, but this guy is a PILE OF TRASH. Ugh, what a waste of space.


Wish that marijuana was legal so that I can get a well paying job at selling it. Amsterdam is very fortunate to have such liberties....wish the U.S. did as well.


This arrogant jerk makes OJ Simpson seem likeable.


I've smoked pot, a lot in the past, and in Amsterdam. But, when I see this guy doing it, or doing ANYTHING for that matter, it turns my stomach. He's a chump, and schmuck, and a piece of s***. Yuck. Undesirable. Rihanna can have this piece of crap loser.


be honest: THE ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SITUATION IS MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN THE U.S. legal marihuana is a crime?


What a complete and total waste of skin this BOY is, and I say that because he is not a man. That drivel he sings isn't music, its Jungle Jump trash that you can't even name one selection from his current album let alone his last. He beats his woman, mocks his actions and she is stupid enough to come back for more. When he does it again, she will get ZERO sympathy. Now here he is yet again taking his antics to the streets and acting the fool. I'm glad I'm not American so no one can look at me and question the intellect of "my fellow citizens". Your media puts this stuff out there for the world to see and you wonder why others mock you and want to kill you [heres a suggestion: GTFO out of other peoples business AND countries! Mind your own damn business for a change!]


It's not legal, it's tolerated.

Faith maguire

Why is this 'news'?? Get rid of the clown and leave him in Amsterdam! No one cares! He is a joke and a waste of time!

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