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It’s been a wild ride lately for the cast of Teen Mom 2 … but is it about to get even wilder yet?

According to the celebrity news (term used loosely) magazine cover below, you bet it is:

So, apparently there’s some SHOCKING baby news on the horizon for the fabulous four.

Cheyenne Floyd and Her Shadow

But who do you think it’s about?!

  • Are Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers expecting, weeks after a quickie marriage?
  • Is pregnant Leah Messer encountering more difficulties, as she did the last time?
  • Did Maci Bookout of the original Teen Mom get pregnant again? By whom?

Apparently in Jenelle’s case, she’s planning to “steal” son Jace back. This is because she doesn’t have custody of her own kid, of course. Always a good sign.

Leah’s “difficult decision” sort of implies she’s ending the pregnancy, but we wouldn’t bet on it.

As for Maci … a sister for Bentley? That she’s at least talked about in recent memory, but we’d be surprised at this point as well. Basically all lies most likely.

Before long, actual drama will present itself though. You can bet on it with this crew. Case in point: Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson getting engaged!