Tina Simpson: Crushed By Joe Simpson Gay Rumors

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A series of bombshell reports about Joe Simpson’s secret relationships with men have had severe effects on his estranged wife Tina's state of mind.

"She's gone completely crazy," a longtime friend of Tina Simpson says.

Joe, Jessica and Tina Simpson

Tina and Joe, the parents of Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, split this fall after 34 years of marriage. Rumors of his gay dalliances with young men soon followed.

The insider said Tina has asked Joe to admit his alleged sexual relationships with Bryce Chandler Hill and Joey Anderson, but he has not done so.

“It's like when someone is lying to you and you can't catch them in the act. It's making her crazy,” the source said. “She's been screaming at Joe."

"Basically he takes it, denies it, and it's making Tina worse. She wants to know the whole truth. She is losing it thinking she's been living a lie."

"She's been hearing the rumors about Joe for a long time now. She's living with Jessica, because the situation with Joe became unbearable.”

"Jessica and Ashlee are grown, and Tina is alone and has to start a new life."

Several reports have stated that the former minister is involved with men, but if Joe Simpson is gay, he's keeping things pretty close to the vest for now.

"It is an amicable split and there is no third party involved. Any other related allegations are completely false," a statement from the family rep said.

Same-sex trysts or not, the couple clearly drifted far apart.

"They have been living separate lives for a long time," says a family friend. "It's making Tina sick with worry to think who's going to be coming out with stories."

Tina reportedly fears that more rumors will surface in the coming months, and that Joe was with a male passenger during his August DUI arrest.

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Church has NOTHING to do with it. People should NEVER associate church with the actions of people. The Bible was written as words to live by and just because someone is in church doesn't mean they are living as the good book says we should. People like this make all good Christians look bad. There is a real judgement day and everyone does answer for their actions here on Earth. Food for thought.


She had to have suspected he was gay...hopefully he didn't give her any STD's!


this has something to do with the church?