The X Factor Top 12: Who's the Favorite?

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We are down to a dozen.

The X Factor revealed its Top 12 last Thursday, and with many fans still reeling over the elimination of Diamond White, let's face it:

The time has come to move on and focus on the remaining contestants, three from each of the four teams.

The X Factor Team

Who do you think will should home the title?

Scroll through the following promotional photos of the Top 12 and then vote: WHO WILL WIN?

Carly Rose Sonenclar Photo
Lyric 145 Picture
Vino Alan Picture
CeCe Frey Picture
Beatrice Miller Picture
Tate Stevens Picture
Paige Thomas Pic
Emblem3 Picture
Jason Brock Picture
Arin Ray Picture
Jennel Garcia Pic
1432 Pic


I’m still upset that Diamond White’s out on The X Factor. I don’t think I want to watch as much because she’s the one I had picked for the win. I’m going to see what happens next on one of my favorite primetime shows. Since I mostly watch primetime shows like The X Factor, and working in the evening means I can’t be at home to watch. I depend on my DVR to get my shows for me. One thing I’ve always hated is timer conflicts and tying up all the DVRs at home. My coworker at DISH told me about the Hopper DVR with the awesome PrimeTime Anytime feature, which records the four major networks on one TV. This means I can get all my shows recorded and my family can continue to watch what they want too. This feature works perfect and it’s been a great enhancement to our TV enjoyment.


David out??? Diamond out??? Tell me why i shld watch x-factor?


no doubt any longer: I AM, folks!!


When David was let go I turned the channel. These judges made some asinine decisions. Then to hear that they let Diamond go too!!! Not worth me DVRing anymore. I'm done with the X-Factor.


Vino is the most talented but he won't win. But, stop showing your favoritism so much THG. You could at least learn how to spell his name correctly. It's Alan. Not Allan.

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