The X Factor Results: Who Made the Top 12?

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The X Factor went from 16 to 12 tonight, as four contestants - one from each group - were sent packing. In somewhat complicated fashion.

First, each judge deemed two singers from his/her troupe to be safe; they went straight to the next round. Then, the remaining pair of hopefuls sang against each other for their X Factor lives.

Take CeCe Fry, for example, who belted out this beautiful version of “Out Here On My Own."

So, who got the axe? The following quartet was eliminated:

  • Willie Jones
  • David Correy
  • Diamond White
  • Sister C

Therefore, the teams now look like this:

Team Demi Lovato: Jennel Garcia, Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey
Team L. A. Reid: Vino Allan, Tate Stevens and Jason Brock
Team Britney Spears: Carly Rose Sonenclar, Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray
Team Simon Cowell: Emblem3, Lyric145 and 1432

What did you think of this format and of the results? Who was the most surprising to be sent home?


David did NOT deserve to go home, he had an amazing voice! So talented! By far my favourite person on the show.


Im so disappointed. Diamond and David did not deserve that. Demi and Brittany need to go so lame. They let go of the talent.


Please, would someone slap Britney up side the head every time she says "amazing." The word is so overused by both judges and contestants, it is sickening. Next time you watch, count 'em. I had Diamond White as a shoe in to win this. Britney, you blew that one.


Cannot believe David Correy was voted off the show over Jason Brock!


CeCe is such an annoying person. You can see right through her fake tears. She is an idiot. You have to want to buy someone's CD's for them to have the Xfactor, and SHE AIN'T GOT IT! I really liked Willie. Hated to see him go.


Bring back Diamond, get rid of CeCe (I literally have leave when she sings)


Upset Diamond White n Correy went home. Want Paula n Nichol back. Willie was given the wrong song. I am not a happy camper.


They sent home 2 of my favorite singers! David and Diamond are SOOO talented. I don't even know if I'm going to watch anymore. Bad moves X factor!


these people are just "famous" for a year or so.