Skyfall Skyrockets to Biggest Bond Opening Ever

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Movie goers enjoyed their in-theater beverages shaken not stirred this weekend, as Daniel Craig's latest turn as James Bond shot to the top of the box office.

By a very wide margin.

Skyfall brought in $87.8 million on Friday and Saturday, making it the highest-earning Bond debut of all-time, far ahead of Quantam of Solace ($67.5 million) and Casino Royale ($40.8 million.)

"It's quite a testament to Bond, considering it's the 50th anniversary. What a great anniversary present," Rory Bruer, head of distribution at Sony, which produces the Bond films along with MGM, said of Skyfall's early success.

Here is a look at the top five from the weekend:

  1. Skyfall: $87.8 million
  2. Wreck-It Ralph: $33 million
  3. Flight: $15.1 million
  4. Argo: $6.7 million
  5. Taken 2: $4 million

Do they consider this is the Highest-Earning release because the price of a ticket is higher too, making it maybe just a mediocre opening?

@ Nobody

It's more than just the ticket prices going up. Movies can now be opened in twice as many theaters as they could 5 years ago, due to the conversion to digital projection. Film prints were extremely expensive ($5K + per print) and didn't last forever (approx 6 months per print) so folms would usually open in fewer theaters and then additional prints would be made if the film turned into a blockbuster. Small towns would usually not get firts run films until 2-3 weeks after initial opening. So any information about 'biggest opening week' is only comparable to teh last 3-4 years at best.