President Obama Cries, Thanks Staff: "This Is Your Victory"

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President Barack Obama's all-business public persona sometimes leaves him looking distant, detached from personal relationships and intimate moments.

Not here.

In a video posted on his official site, he is seen choked up as he thanks a room full of campaign staffers for delivering his hard-fought 2012 election win:

The Commander-in-Chief likened their work to his own early days in politics, lauding their ability and work ethic and thanking them for the victory.

He told his volunteers and employees how proud he is of what they all accomplished and was inspired by their work ethic and desire to make a difference.

Having โ€œlifted me up each and every step of the way,โ€ Obama appears truly grateful to the staff, crying briefly in the aftermath of his final, bruising campaign.

Pretty awesome moment to see from a U.S. President, the most powerful person on Planet Earth, no matter which way you voted on Tuesday.

Heck, it blows away the Barack and Michelle Obama photo that his staff posted after he won reelection - and that was the most "Liked" photo ever!

Obama's second term: Will it be better than the first?


"Socialism is all fine and good until you run out of other people's money." Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Enough said!


@Tequilla. Thank you. They think we are the same
person. I'm in good company.
@Pic a Name. I've never begged for anything. W/I
the next 4 yrs the wealthy will be paying a FAIR
tax rate. Its not fair that I pay more to subsidize
their profits. Pres O will eliminate their
@Sting. Too bad that you & so many others will
further divide us by refusing to "budge." Fact
is, it doesn't look like we need you.
Just a few days ago many of you proclaimed
that Pres O would lose. YOU WERE WRONG!!
Pres O will do just fine, leaving a great legacy.
You disagree? You were wrong that he would
serve one term. Why should we take your word for anything?


So- Obama wants to raise taxes for those "RICH FILTHY RICH" people who make over 250 per year but he will not cut spending? Kind of like pouring 2 gallons of water into a one gallon bucket (with a hole in it) and expecting to fill it. REPUBLICANS--- QUIT HELPING THE OTHER SIDE WITH YOUR TIME OR ....MONEY- QUIT GIVING!


Americans will be crying a lot more with this fraud in office, until he is finally impeached and imprisoned.

@ allsaints45

@Allsaints. Ever on the attack my friend. You just
don't get it. Your party's appeal, basically, is to
rich white men. The intolerance & viciousness
expressed on these airwaves & by your party representatives was rejected by a broad spectrum
of Americans: Hispanics, blacks, whites, women,
students, etc etc. Foolish Murdock, silly Aikins,
angry West, all sent packing. Don't you see? You
need to come together with the diversity of our
country instead of alienating yourselves. If, that
is you hope to win future elections. And believe
me, its not about "free stuff" for all on my side.

@ Linda Sterling

Ahhh yes- the racism with the Rich White Men line! You are so Fu*king predictable, aren't you- you piece of crap! This like many other smoke and mirror acts will run its course- people will come begging the Old White Rich Man for any and everything before its over because WE WE WE will no longer give you a thing! We will throw it away 1st- This economy will drown and you will look to Obama- then, he will give you another Evangelistic speech! You have been had - again but this time- we wont let you up!

@ Linda Sterling

Actually Tequila- you are Linda- Take your Meds- your "clouded" again. This "Battle" that Obama has won in no way means he's won the war. He now has to make good on sooooo.. Many promises! Immigration, Healthcare, Jobs, plus he must do that with 51% of the country! Why? Because the 51% has trashed the 49% and I dont need to tell you- we ain't budging! FYI- thing about us- we never needed the Governments help! Tough road considering- Economic cliff, Iran Nuclear threat, Massive layoffs as we speak, Libyian Murders, worsening unemployment numbers are certain, did I mention the "FU*K YOU OBAMA" that 49% of us have? Yeah- we are opting out of Obamacare in these parts! Cali? Jesus- who is gonna keep them in Valium? Tequila- AKA -Sterling- we are going to SIT and watch you people Crumble! You will learn a valuable lesson by 2016! I give u my word on it!

@ Linda Sterling

Nicely said!


Boeing,Westinghouse, Pepsi, IBM - massive layoffs. But there is always a chance that we can join hands and come together and work this all out..... With the same people we have called racist, homophobe, polluters, freedom takers ... for the past 2 years?

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