Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring: What Do You Think?

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You've seen the wedding invitation. You've checked out the misleading tabloid covers. All that remains is for Kim Kardashian to actually marry Kris Humphries, right?

Wrong. First, we must judge the rock on her finger....

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring Pic

The engagement ring presented to Kim in May - fewer than three months prior to her wedding date - is 20.5 carats. It's rectangular in shape. And it was likely purchased by E!.

Take a close look at it here and then decide: What do you think?


Give the ring back. Why reward tasteless behavior?


omg is so wright! i think kim is the prettyest person i would love to meet her. and yes its sad that theres homless people but maybe some of those people made that choice! so everyone just needs to leave kim alone its her money she can spend it on whatever she wants so everyone need to quit being so jellouse of her!! shes a nice person so lay off of her!!!!!!!!!!


i agree with sooo many people this ring is way too much. there are millions of people starving in this world, and soooo many homeless people who are literally living under bridges, with no roof over there heads......don't these bastard kardashians and her monster amazon of a husband think......i guess none of these spoiled rich brats care.... with the money this amazon spent of this big ass kimmie k. that money could actually feed the poor. i can't stomach these rich kardashians, and what they represent......they are nothing, and they should all be ashamed of themselves.....nuf said...


Gretcos yeah they are such no bodies they don't do anything at all , never dine any modeling, tv shows, tv interviews, appeared on talkshows, not a thing! Your perception of them is dead wrong because if they are such no bodies they would not have all the money they earn. You are yet another jealous hater.only wish you could have half the money they have.I just do not see why people are so critical of people they do not even know. It. does not change anything to hate them.


Who the hell cares about this little no body and her useless family? There are millions out there who have done more for human kind, and who are educated and have talents and doing good in this world. It's a disgrace that someone that flaunts their naked ass and sleep with every available basketball or football player can waste their ability help others, and just take and give nothing in return. On judgement day, what would people like her have to say about how they have help, feed, and clothed the needy. It makes me sick to see what this no good skanky family is doing.


Kim I love u.... I love the ring!!!! haters stop hatin


Who cares about her!! This talentless and big A** woman has probably been the BIGGEST TRAMP of them all in a town that has loads of tramps. I just wonder what she will tell her kids about the sex tape, if she ever has any. Poor kids!!


That ring could feed a lot of starving people...


To sezitazitiz you have no business in whether or not Kim has kids and none if your business about her ring or any aspect of her life for that matter.She is not now nor has she ever been jealous of Kourtney or Khloe and that would be none of your business either. Nothing bettet to do then insult people you never met


Dawn you should mind your own business you are jealous and the sex tape is none of your business . Kim does not need your approval of what she does with her life or her money or her body for that matter. You are pathetic


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