Jason Brock Speaks on X Factor Elimination: Sexuality to Blame?

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SPOILER ALERT: Jason Brock was eliminated from The X Factor last night.

The contestant lost a sing-off with CeCe Frey for the final spot in the Top 12, as the judges were split on who to save, but America made its voice known.

After receiving the bad news, Brock spoke to reporters and said he wasn't sure why he got the boot... but wondered if his flamboyant style played a role.

"I think that being gay is a wild card in itself," he said. "When you're gay, some people still aren't okay with you being gay. So there are actually people in the country - I don't know how many - who think it's actually wrong. So I wouldn't doubt it if that does hurt in a way."

Does he have any regrets? Nope.

"I wanted people to know me as a gay person. A connection with the community that I feel is important."

Does he feel a sense of relief? Yes.

"I don't have to try to win anymore. It's so hard to try and win a competition like this, but I am proud that I made it this far."

Did you agree with Brock's elimination?


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I try to live by the saying, "I'll stay out of your bedroom if you stay out of mine.". I don't agree with homosexuality, but I don't go around hatin. I am a lover by nature. That being said, I hate it when people try to shove their homosexuality down my throat, and I shut down when they do. He was very flamboyant on the show and made it known his orientation. I thought for sure he would outlast CiCi though. She is an idiot.


He was eliminated because he's gay. However, there are nice gays and there are really annoying gays. He just happens to fall in the annoying category.

@ johnathon

To johnathon: That was the most racist remark ever. Jason Brock is gay. So what???? lots of people are, and I'm sure he did not get eliminated because he's gay. He is just too over the top as a singer, and America saw that. PERIOD. Next to go has to be that totally obnoxious "I totally love myself" Ce-Ce....ewwww.


Agreed with the vote. Too showy and flamboyant = not marketable.


No problem at all with gays, but nobody likes anyone's sexual orientation so in-your-face. The flamboyance was so off the charts I could barely watch without cringing. It's odd, you can stand for something without forcing it down someone's throat. Plenty of my friend are gay and they don't make a point of it. Just like if the majority of people in this country were gay, no one would be cool with seeing an over-the-top macho guy pushing his straightness in your face. Was just too much. Got him voted off.

@ Carly

Upon analyzing your comment, it sounds like there's some subtle prejudice. "...nobody likes anyone's sexual orientation so in-your-face"? Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, just name some straight slutty female pop artists out there. No one seems to complain about that. "...my friends are gay and they don't make a point of it." So it's okay if they act normal, aka STRAIGHT? Also, gays LOVE seeing macho men; what are you about? But you're basically saying that minorities are only tolerable if they act like the majority group, and I think that's a dangerous mentality.

@ Carly

Gay did have something to do with it ,,,he was just too gay,, too quick, too soon before America could like him enough to not care if he was gay or not . Elton John's Gay , Adam Lambert's gay ,, And the list goes on ,, but do you ever see them pawing dancers or hosts in a overt and sexual way that makes you squirm and uncomfortable , as progressive as we are suppose to be America can only take Gay in small doses...As talented as he was ,, that's exactly why he went home . We all know these shows are just glorified popularity contests and if you offend people you will lose, He definatley was more likable then Cece Frey and in his own way more talented ..he went just went too far !!.. Ps. Cece Frey is not likable but apparently when it comes down to mean , arrogant , self absorbed, people they apparently still trump gay. in America.!!! Pss . This all being said I do applaud him for being himself !!

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