The X Factor Elimination: Who Did America Vote Off?

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The X Factor handed itself over to the viewing public for the first time this season, as America had to send one contestant packing from the remaining 13.

Who was the unlucky hopeful?

X Factor Crew

Not Arin Ray, Paige Thomas, Diamond White, Vino Alan, Jennel Garcia or Emblem3. Following a performance by One Direction, these six were quickly deemed safe.

After that, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, Beatrice Miller, Lyric 145 and Fifth Harmony received similar good news.

So that left CeCe Frey and Jason Brock to sing for their X Factor lives.

Frey chose "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," while Brock belted out a rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Once the judges were inevitably split, the final vote went to the audience...

... which spelled doom for Brock. He was eliminated, joking soon afterward: "I want to say I did it for the gays and Japan."

The X Factor also unveiled its first-ever Power Rankings, based on viewer popularity. Here is how the final dozen stack up:

  1. Tate Stevens
  2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
  3. Vino Alan
  4. Diamond White
  5. Fifth Harmony
  6. Emblem3
  7. Jennel Garcia
  8. Paige Thomas
  9. Lyric 145
  10. Beatrice Miller
  11. Arin Ray
  12. Cece Frey

So... did America make the right choice? Should Brock have gone home?


I was very disappointed that Jason Brock got eliminated. Granted he wasn't the best singer, but in my opinion it should have been Ce-Ce Frey. This girl is so into herself, & her personality says "I TOTALLY LOVE MYSELF" UGH...and besides she sucks as a singer. I see her leaving the competition next....


i dont really know if chloe does anything to do with this competition...everybody's talking about her appearance...jason was amazing...he should've not been voted off...CeCe supposed tobe the one...dangerous girl...drama..and more drama..they have to put her in serial killer movie..and im not agree of diamond's back..david deserve it...or jeffrey...diamond has to be ready for the second humiliating moment of her life..being kicked off..once again....she got weak on her vocal skill..need more training...carly far better and her technique is amazing...she belted most of the songs...sorry for diamond...being in this should've been ready..not only likable, lovable but also (good voice ain't enough) amazing voice..look around cant even beat your close friend carly...what about the rest of them...


jason should of not been voted off...his singing was flawless 100%.....CECE was awful.....Why was he voted off? was it descrimitation?????


Agree Mindy. Chloe Kardashian is so annoying and has no talent. I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't asked back next season unless Simon has a thang for her. And it appears he does commenting on her nips last week. Mario reminds me of Ryan Seacrest and would be great all by himself. CeCe is a phony, fake, crazy, bi**h. Look at those lizard markings she paints all over her face. She is Highly Unlikeable. Most comments here prove that point. She tries to hide her true colors but to no avail. Now can I get that book of stamps please :) Peace out. Jeesh i want the 3 seconds i took to write this back :)


CeCe is nasty. now she is putting on an act, but the reality is she is a back stabber and she needs to be voted off.


Cece is ultra talented but she's such a jerk she is not going to get auduance approval.


Chloe Kardashian is so annoying , she yells into the microphone, interupts and talks over Mario Lopez . She should not be placed in the same position as a professional, experienced host like Lopez . I will quit watching if she stays on the show .


sorry to say but only uncertain LOSERS will join that game.

@ baja

loved what baja saId. chloe should definitely not be emceeing. also, she just doesn't look good. it is only due to her sister she got the job. the only good looking one is kim, the others are just run of the mill women.