Hector Camacho to Be Taken Off Life Support

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Hector Camacho, a former Lightweight and Welterweight boxing champion, is expected to pass away this week from injuries suffered in a shooting on Tuesday. His family has announced will soon take the 50-year old off life support.


The Puerto Rican native, who compiled a lifetime record of 79-6-3, was the passenger in a car when another vehicle pulled up aside him and a friend, firing shots that killed the driver in Camacho's car and fatally wounding the athlete.

He was hit in the neck and face and suffered a cardiac arrest soon after the incident, which many believe was drug-related after bags of cocaine were found in the victims' vehicle, according to TMZ sources.

Camacho was declared brain dead on Wednesday afternoon and funeral services will reportedly be held in either Puerto Rico or New York.

Over the years, Camacho fought such legends as Julio Cesar Chavez, Sugar Ray Leonard and Oscar De La Hoya.

He latter struggled with substance abuse issues and also faced domestic violence charges in 2011. He was shot that same year near housing projects in San Juan.

Our thoughts go out to Camacho's friends and loved ones.


Although you are not gone from this earth yet, and hopefully you will eventually pull through. My husband and I would like to thank you for many years of wonderful boxing entertainment. We have really enjoyed watching you. You are truly a one of a kind guy. No one else ever came into the ring with the glitz and glamour the way you did. That is part of what made many people love you, and of course, you are a damn good boxer. We love you and wish you well. You are in our prayers.


may god rest his soul. Camacho thank you for those wonderful moments you gave me! Rest In Peace.


read my lips: HE IS A FIGHTER, folks!!


Qué el Señor te reciba en su santa gloria al momento que nos dejes, Hector. Thank you for bringing us so much joy while in the ring. I enjoyed watching your matches. Rest in peace, my brother.

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