Electoral College System: Fair or Unfair?

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In 2000, Al Gore earned 500,000 more votes than George W. Bush, yet lost the presidency.

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    I say ditch the whole system and have our own American royality designated by a specific bloodline to rule this country.
    No more elections. The average American has become too stupid to make any intelligent decisions regarding electing capable officials.


    man u dont know wat ur saying


    Seems to me that the best solution would be a middle ground between the current Electoral College System and the Popular Vote approach. I think the Electoral votes should be awarded by percentage of popular vote. That way, the campaign would have to try and reach the whole country and peoples vote would more directly count.

    @ John Hanks

    man u r one of those people that dont know what ur saying


    Speaking of fair, I would entertain the idea of voter=taxpayer. just like no taxation, no representation in Congress.


    The Electoral College is needed because the average American is ignorant to what is going on in this country- Example: the Divison that Obama has been a part of- Solyndra, Libya, UN taking more control of our way of life, Obamacare and we still don't know what's in it and how much it will cost each of us not to mention the rate it will go up each year. This is a country that is disconnected to what is really going on in DC. We are more interested in "Fakebook friends" or any kind of program in which we can benifit from some government aid or maybe Gay Marriage is what moves you. If Obama gets in you can bet that this country will slowly move towards total Government dependence and the people we associate with will mostly consist on what party you are affiliated with. By 2014- we will see what this divisive president has done! There will be no going back- thanks in large to the Media! FUI-Hurricane Sandy suffering people- you are SOL!

    @ Connie C

    Your arguments don't make sense. What has the electoral system to do with the fact that you don't like todays politics?
    The electoral system just skews the voting. Just start counting the number of total votes, as done in most other civilized nations in the world.

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