Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama Speech in Myanmar

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There's jet lag, and there's jet lag after visiting more than 100 countries in four years, at which point no coffee, Red Bull or Five Hour Energy is gonna get it done.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looked like she hit a wall right in the middle of President Obama's speech in Myanmar on Monday, falling asleep briefly. Watch:

While Hillary, who sat next to Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, likely wishes she hadn't nodded off, she shouldn't worry all that much considering:

  1. She helped broker an Israel-Hamas cease fire 48 hours later.
  2. Obama does kinda tend to drag these things out sometimes.
  3. Soon she can sleep for 2-3 years prior to the 2016 election.

really?..who really cares? good grief, get a life people

Wm thomas hill

There is no solid evidence here that she was doing anything more than resting her eyes. This is a woman who travels 24/7 around the world negotiating peace agreements and wrestling recalcitrant world leaders to the mat. Surely we should be able to let her rest her eyes without this kind of unnecessary speculation.


Who wouldn't nod off. The President will speak 5 mins.on what the outside temperature is.


I do believe now her heart is in making the unted states of america better for us all.


why is bill clinton falling asleep

@ erica renee goats

NOT BILL, SILLY. Look at what commenting first.


When you hear all of Obama's lies over and over again, it makes you bored and groggy.

@ allsaints45

Time zone change could be quite challenging on the brain. I am sure she is not falling asleep, just tired.

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