Ben Flajnik on Courtney Robertson: She Had Me FOOLED!

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Even Ben Flajnik had to see the light sooner or later.

The Bachelor star admits, supposedly, in a new interview what everyone said about Courtney Robertson from the moment she debuted on the ABC show.

She lies. And kind of sucks.

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And Ben, who's rumored to be getting a new reality show focused on his winery business, wants the women whose opinions he ignored to know he’s sorry.

"I should apologize to all those women and say, 'Sorry I didn’t see it,'" Ben said. "I really have lost all respect for this person that I thought I knew."

"This person" is Courtney Robertson, of course, and Ben now says:

"She just had me fooled. I talk to my friends all the time and they’re like, 'Maybe she was just really good at it. She got all of us fooled, too, Ben. You weren’t the only one.'"

Ben and Courtney broke up after an 11-month engagement. He admits he failed to heed the warning signs, but says only he could've come to this realization.

"I wanted to see it through on my own," Ben says in the interview, according to Radar. "I knew if it was going to work or not. It just took a little bit longer."

Better late than never, Ben. If you even said any of this, which we're skeptical of.

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I watched the season oF Ben and Courtney and just love them together ... I just guess that courtney was really fooling around with his feelings ... (Sad) I just wish that things could work out for the both of them ...


Ben! You are such a geek! get over yourself! you are hands down the worst bachelor ever!!!


how could he not have seen it? like all he had to do was watch the season. Their relationship onscreen was her making cute remarks and then threatening him. obviously he's never dated a good looking girl before he just followed her around like a puppy dog. in his eyes, courtney could do no wrong. He's fugs and she is mental!


Ben, you know what. For having such bad taste and letting down such stunning woman and choosing the worst out of the best, you have really deserved to be let down. Good for Courtney for doing that. For ONCE and only this once she did something good. And as for all the other women that you showed away. None of them are anybody's second best choice. They all deserve way way better than you.


Bachelors and Bachelorettes should learn to listen to orher contestants' warnings because it always turns out that they are true. The bachelors and bachelorettes choose to turn a blind eye on those warnings.


I can't believe Ben chose Courtney, what a deceitful, fake, bitchy female. She seriously has major issues. She belongs in a mental home not on a reality tv show. Don't mean to be a bitch myself but, model my a** she has the ugliest mouth, just nasty all round! Sorry girl!!!

@ south africa chick

I could not agree with you more


women are much smarter than he thinks.

Mark doran

Courtney just wanted to beat the other bachelorettes. That was her whole objective vand nothing more. I saw right through her.

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