Sheriff's Dept. to Dr. Conrad Murray: BLAH BLAH

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The L.A. Sheriff's Dept. is brushing off Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer, saying claims that the physician is being treated inhumanely in jail are simply untrue.

Dr. Conrad Murray Mug Shot

Murray's lawyers claim that the 5' x 7' cell in which Murray is confined is so small, given his 6'5" height, that he may have developed permanent health problems.

In this week's Conrad Murray jail house phone call, the doctor told a friend about "uncorrectable blood circulation" issues that could lead to a fatal embolism.

His lawyers say that the conditions are cruel and unusual: "Dr. Murray's cell is proportional to that of a travel cage used for short term transportation of an animal."

"If one were to keep a dog in a space just a few inches larger than the dog's length, for any extended period of time, contentions of animal cruelty leading to prosecution would likely result."

But the Sheriff's Dept. says simply, "Mr. Murray is receiving the appropriate level of care and we are taking into consideration his medical concerns and working with him."

Murray's lawyers added their client may not need to be in isolation any longer, because he looks shockingly different from his famous booking photo (above).

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Dr. Murray is a human being just like all of the other inmates over the country. I"ve never heard of any othe inmate being treated this BRUTAL IN JAIL NOR PRISON.PLEASE HELP HIM-DR MURRAY HAS DEVELOPED A NERVOUS BREAK DOWN.PLEASE TRANSFER HIM INTO A MENTAL HOSPITAL SO THAT HE CAN GET SOME HELP.IF IT WAS ANY OYHR INMATE,YOU WILL DO IT................PLEASE JESUS HELP DR.MURRAY.