Octomom Sexual Abuse Claims: Nannies Say Nadya Suleman Allowed Child to Molest Others

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Two former nannies for Octomom Nadya Suleman claim she allowed one of her children to sexually abuse another child in her home, according to a new report.

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According to L.A.'s CBS2, the nannies have contacted Child Protective Services and told officials that they personally witnessed sexual abuse from the kid.

The nannies don't say Octomom personally sexually abused anyone, however:

  • According to one nanny, "(One of the boys) would take (his sibling) away and take her to another area. And he would be touching her."
  • Nadya tied her eight newborns to their bed with cheese cloths around their waists to keep them from getting out of their cribs at one point.
  • Octo "never did (anything). ‘It’s okay, don’t worry about it.’ That's her attitude."
  • She also blocked their bedroom door with a chair so she could take a nap.

This is even more terrifying than having to sit through the Octomom porn trailer.

La Habra, Calif., police say they investigated the Octomom allegations and plan to send the case to the Orange County D.A. in the next several days.

Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, predictably, that the allegations are all bogus.

"All of this is blatant lies," Suleman says, calling them obsessed with her.

"[The nannies] are hating because they can't have what I have," she said.

Okay then, Octo.

Nadya has been investigated by Child Protective Services once before, it's worth noting, and no actions were taken against the mother of 14 in any case.

Stay tuned.

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Maybe she doesn't know what sex or sexual abuse is since she probably never had real sex since she was inseminated. The woman has some serious emotional and mental issues. Where is her family? The mother and father? Maybe these kids should be adopted out if she can't care for them properly.




Oh okay, so it's okay for a women to have "rights" and have an abortion just so this type of thing does not happen? That is one of the most ignorant comment I think I've ever heard! I guess you've never heard of adoption. If social service's would get their crap together and start doing proper investigations. As well as adoption agencies wouldn't charge good family's so much, many more good loving parents could help out They system works against us. Even so, that doesn't justify having an abortion (murder) I guess if a child isn't going to be smart enough or attractive enough we should just kill them too? CRAZY!!!


these kind of "Low Profile"-mums only survive in the united states.


The nannies saw this going on and did nothing to stop this child.So i do not believe them.As for mom You are an idiot.

@ tillie

Well in the Sandusky case the red-head saw something and he didn't do anything to stop it. I still sort of agree though this is probably just to get attention.


I wonder if the son who was sexually abusing one of their sisters is one out of the 2 or 3 kids that have some emotional, developmental problems. If the nanny saw something going on why didn't she call the authorities the moment she saw it, why wait?


I think this lady is weird. Just everything is about her, the fundamentals of her being...just something off. But I really dont think she would let THIS happen. Maybe I am just oblivious, but I would like to think she is a better mom than THAT.


This woman has been investigated before and one can assume authorities feel they are better off with birth mother than taken away. Also who pays for these "nannies"? No way can a "pretty" spin be put on this family. Mom is freakish but does that break the law?

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