Matt Barnes Arrest Video: NBA Star Apologizes For Gay Slur, More

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L.A. Clippers star Matt Barnes is apologizing for calling the police officer who arrested him a fa**ot and a pu**y, among other things, after their exchange spread virally on video.

Matt Barnes said: "I would like to apologize for the unfortunate language I used. I know that certain words are extremely hurtful. I meant absolutely no disrespect to anyone."

"This comment, spoken in the heat of a difficult moment, does not accurately reflect my actual point of view. I hope that all offended parties can accept my sincerest apologies."

Barnes clearly had an ongoing beef with the cop.

The same officer stopped the NBA player twice before and waited nearly 2 hours in a Manhattan Beach, Calif., parking lot last July for Barnes to leave a restaurant.

There, he was arrested for driving on a suspended license and resisting arrest.

Barnes eventually pleaded no contest to misdemeanor interfering with a cop and driving while not in possession of a license. He got off with a fine and informal probation.


Instead of calling this cop names Matt Barnes should have his attorneys file a huge law suit against the police dept AND this cop personally and then....this bullshit will stop. Clearly it isn't simply a "coincidence" this same cop has made it his business to involve himself with Mr. Barnes and this should be seriously looked into & taken into consideration as this cop who is doing his "so-called job" could actually be a stalker of sorts. I'm a woman and I watch certain sports as religiously as some men, my favorite being Drag Racing. What I'm noticing more so now as I'm getting older is that a great deal of these athletes AND coaches as well are seriously in need of personal security. We're hearing more stories of athletes being robbed, coaches getting getting stabbed & such. The days of "your favorite athletes being your hero" are about gone now. They don't deserve (not all of them anyway) to targeted in any way by fans, thieves or the damn police.


That shit is so whack.. when people say f@gg0t it doesnt even have anything to do with gay people. Should he apologize to women everywhere for using the word p*ssy? I mean he might have offended their crotches

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