Lena Dunham Tweets Support of Barack Obama, Gay Marriage

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Lena Dunham is unafraid to expose various body parts on HBO's smash new comedy, Girls. Seriously: she's naked A LOT.

In real life, meanwhile, the actress/director/writer is equally unafraid of expressing her political views, which she did yesterday via Twitter.

"I'm voting because I want to party at my sister's future wedding #ForAll," Dunham wrote, while making clear her affection for Barack Obama and her support of gay marriage:

Lena Dunham Twit Pic

Where do you stand on these pressing issues? Do you support marriage equality?

Who will you vote for in the Presidential election?


She is an actress, have you ever seen her show it;s called Girls (it's really good), and it comes on HBO. So now u know Mr. Anti Gay


Who the hell is Lena Dunham? I do think that the economy, islamic terrorism, border security, miltary, etc are all much more valid issues for our gov't to worry about than homosexual marriage. It seems that homosexuals could be homeless, unemployed, and in danger of dying from terrorist attacks and all that would not matter if they were married. These gay bandwagon celebs are getting really old.


Being that not even 1% of Americans are homosexual you would think that there are more important issues to address than if they want to get hitched or not.
This woman is a prime example of a Hollywood dullard spewing her irrelevancy to naive and unassuming individuals who may mistake gay marriage as a big deal that immediately needs to be addressed.
In my opinion, the economy is the ONLY issue that needs to be addressed by the next President.

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