Lena Dunham Laughs Off Obama "First Time" Ad Backlash

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She stars on Girls and now Lena Dunham is facing criticism for setting a bad example for actual girls across the country.

Not long after the Emmy nominee released an ad in favor of Barack Obama - in which she talked about how one's "first time" [voting] should be with a "a great guy... someone who really cares about and understands women" - some on the Right have fired back against Dunham.

And it's gotten personal.

"Lena Dunham allows herself to be used in this cheap, last minute attempt to be the first for young women," writes RedState.com "Dunham, who was raised in a wealthy, over-sexualized household and who started therapy at age 7 must somewhat be forgiven for her role; she seems to have a thing for talking about her first time, the Obama administration was just happy to oblige."

Dunham, however, seems far from bothered by the backlash. She Tweeted yesterday:

"It tickles me to no end that while my twitter feed was blowing up with conservative hate I was literally hanging out in a pile of bisexuals."

What do you think? Does Dunham deserve this criticism?


I just think she is an idiot.


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try to face the most important part of it: PRESIDENT OBAMA CARES ABOUT YOU GIRLS!!
(that's all)


Check out UTube parody of this, It's freaking HILARIOUS!!!!


What a role model! NOT. Mr. Obama has really
become desperate.

@ karen

Yes-Role Model- NO DOUBT!!!! the face of the future democratic party. Take this loser along with Sandra " I haven't been laid in LIKE... FOREVER?" Fluck-- Eva " My Black Husband is poking everything but me and as a result my RACISM is in full bloom" Longoria, Nancy " I've Completly lost my mind" Pelosi Then there's Kerri " Can I take this opportunity to show I'm black" Washington and last but not least KATY " If you look me straight in the eyes you will see nothing but SPACE" Perry, yeah- her and her Ballot Dress, so moving. What a statement/ after all these fine women have so Freaking much in common with the mother who is working the window at McDonalds in order to feed their own damn kids! It comes down to 2 choices... Either the Liberals celebrating Obama are dumb as dirt or the people that listen to these idiots and move towards Obama are Completly comatose. It could be a toss up!


When you send your daughter off to a liberal university and she returns home- this is what you get.


The women in Obama's administrations make much less money than the men. Is that equality?


Ben Affleck blames Jennifer Lopez for the death of his career. Ah, no, try being political!


This is why actors need to shut up and act. Clooney, Affleck, Schwarzenegger, and any actor that gets political hurts their craft. I hate political celebs! Republican and democrats both need to keep it themselves.

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