Lena Dunham Details Her First Time... Voting

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Lena Dunham offers up some very personal advice in the following video.

Addressing her fellow females around the country, the star of HBO's Girls goes into detail about one's first time.

You want it to be special, right? You want it to be with someone who cares about your gender, no? About birth control and reproductive rights?

Then your first time must be with Barack Obama, ladies. Your first time voting, that is! What did you think the actress meant?!?


The women in obama's administration make 15% less than the men. Is that equality? It is scary to think he might have 4 more years to destroy our country! He should stick to being a smooth talking celebrity.


You know I first thought this was a private ad or a Super Pac ad - this is an OFFICIAL OBAMA CAMPAIGN AD. The country has become such a sad, tacky place.


I think its gre at that Lena can upset those narrow minded teabagger Republicans. Its about time someone did. Aside from that, I'd just like to say that if a woman like Lena Dunham can rally people or inspire someone to vote, then maybe she could've taken that same passion to create a cable Tv show that's both diverse as well as interesting without having to see her below average bare ass in order to prove to someone or herself that she could do it just because she's the writer. And that's my two cents on that ....thanks for reading!

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