Kristen Stewart: Neighbors with Robert Pattinson!

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Kristen Stewart may be stopping by to borrow a cup of sugar from Robert Pattinson at any moment.

The actress moved out of the home she shared with her boyfriend in August, immediately after admitting to an affair with Rupert Sanders, but real estate site now confirms she didn't go far:

Stewart purchased a $2.1 million residence just one-and-a-half miles from Pattinson in Los Feliz. Check out a photo of it here:

K Stew House

The 4-bed, 4.5-bath home is surrounded by tropical landscaping and features a pool, a spa and multiple outdoor living areas.

As for the status of Robsten, who has been spotted out multiple times this week?

"They seem attached to the hip again," an insider tells People. "They spent all weekend together. They are back to hanging out with their old group of friends. Everything seems back to normal again."

This must be music to the ears of Summit Entertainment.

Later this month, all eyes and cameras will be affixed to Kristen and Rob as they make their first joint appearance to promote The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

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Da couple z ok


people should stop saying bad things to kristen..i think she suffered enough already..she committed a mistake and ask forgiveness..please respect her..she's a human not an animal..


They are still young and mistakes is human. She learnt from it and hopefully their relationship shall last longer.


you still get it?
well, not me anymore.


you cant say it was an affair because she said it wasnt, media just stirs trouble for these two all the time.They are under a costant microscope and paped all the time, their life is very different from ours and they acknowledge that they need each other, Im sure they have sorted this through in private and decided to reconcile, people need to leave them alone and move on already its time!

@ Heidi

They should go to England away from so many paparazzi and crazy fans and stay there except for work and short visits to her family. The way they are treated is not the way I would want to live.


Who said that they went their separate ways after Kristen'a affair went public? Rob's people really got a bad strategist. If they wanted to save what was left on his ego, then they should have let them continue dating despite the turmoil going around.. Kristen should have stopped her people, too, for writing a public apology for her....oh...mystery continues...