Kim Kardashian: Desperate for a Baby!

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Contrary to a new tabloid claim, Kim Kardashian is not having a baby.

Not yet at least!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Together

A family source tells Closer magazine that Kim is "desperate to have children" and "wants getting pregnant next year to be her top priority."

What about work?

"She says she feels suffocated by her schedule promoting the Kardashian brand," the insider alleges, adding that boyfriend Kanye West is very much on board.

Anything to get her away from Kris Jenner, apparently.

"Kanye thinks Kim’s family controls her and wants them to make a new life in New York," the magazine writes. "He doesn’t want other people telling them how to bring up their kids."

It's a good point. If Jenner gets too heavily involved, the kids might end up like Kim Kardashian.


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Kim Kardashian: Desperate for a Baby!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
Good luck!


Would everyone shut up about kim kardashian and kanye west? She has an amazing mother and an amazing family which act as a support for her hectic life. She's absoloutley gorgeous, there's no doubt about that and if she's happy with kanye then leave her alone about it! She is NOT fat, she's curvy, all of you people are just jealous!


Yh that's true kims mum issz xooo much off a control box in kims life I realy hate her fuckd attitude please you reali hv 2 kick your mum shezzzz xoooo irritatin and 2 stupid


Please don't no more salt and pepper shakers.


How many times are the KrapTrashians going to recycle this story?


I bet Kim is already pregnant, then again I can't see her blowing up her money maker any bigger than it is now for 8+ months. She already looks like a baby blimp.

@ Really!!!

Also look at Kayne he looks like a bull dog. So ugly!!

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