Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom to Divorce?

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A new co-host of The X Factor, her professional life has reached it apex.

But is Khloe Kardashian's personal world about the fall apart?

The latest issue of Star alleges that Khloe and husband Lamar Odom are on the verge of an awfully expensive divorce, with drunken fights reportedly escalating to the point of the NBA baller blaming Khloe for the couple's lack of children.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Divorce Story

"You can’t give me kids - I’m out!" Odom has supposedly bellowed.

It is true that Khloe and Lamar have struggled to conceive. But are we really meant to buy the following anonymous cover story quote?

“The only thing Lamar has been sticking around for was a child. But since Khloe hasn’t been able to get pregnant, he doesn’t see any point in staying in the marriage. He’s done.”

We'll see about that.

Do you think Kardashian and Odom will make it?


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if lamor is taking heavy drugs, any drug addict will tell you, the world, it is really hard to kick the habit with out help or support. but it is really up to the individual person to let go of that life style. why is lamor acting suspiciously around the media?, his wife, friends, families, fans. There is lot to lose and I am not talking about money! it is about self respect, self worth, self determination. A drug addict is married to his/her drugs, that gives him/her that 'high' it graves for everyday. Khloe like many others comes second not first anymore. ask Sharon obsborne, she was married to a drug addict for decades! she finally realised lol at her age, ozzy wife was the drugs not her! not her, she kept prompting him, kept his ego going in a social accepted society. ozzy loved Sharon like a drug, but once that wore off, he started to disrespected her! it took a long time. ozzy only wants his drugs and money to keep paying for it. does khloe want that behaviour in her life? having to be the 'carer' for her husband? not his wife. I agree with khloe, money, help, support and families and friends are there to help lamar but only if he wants to change his life style. if it is not too late, then both will work it out. but if khloe goes ahead with the divorce, then that is the best way to go, until such time the media stop reporting negative news about him and let lamar get the help, when ready and give his drug-wife the flick. gosh, all other females that says they had an affair with there had been only one wife! and that is cocain drug! lamar don't see anything! the media should really stop making up negative materials. Just let lamar get help, get better, get on track and find his way back. No families would ever want to attach themselves to negatives, but they would never leave the person hanging either. There is help out their for both lamar and khloe and if she had moved on, that page is closed. Move on.


Watch Lamar and Khloe, DAVIS want one of you guys he not sure. He a dumb ass. Lamar hold on to your girl. Get back in the fun on things. Go back things that old fashioned. You guys became role models for alot of couples. Be Blessed. Roman 1:15


You all are the sadest people ever you all need to get a life a stop leaving horrible comments on line


je ne veux pas que kloé et lamar divorce car j adore cette famille et je trouve qu ils s entendaient bien ;ils sont trop chou pour divorcé


OH! Another thing Khloe is not even a DAMN kardashian, Her dad had a different last name, Don't the name Khloe sound like Koo Koo KHloe You see that shit! that's why she got that silly name. it's different and not a normal name but it's suits her DUMBNESS and PARODOXICAL attitude.

@ Gregory Davis

You really like using that word, huh?


They both are Idiots, Money and fame makes people do DUMB SHIT! and another thing Lamar just had a Fantasy come true. he always dreamed about fucking a white girl and it came true. just for the PUSSY! That's All! But it turned out all FUCKED UP! When he bumped into this stupid bitch with money and no head on her shoulders. and she's too FAT! and DIZZY! Lamar, PLEASE! leave that DUMB STUPID BITCH!


NOW! When I saw the show when she didn't want Lamar to see her take a Damn Piss, That shit was fucked up! Come On, Every couple's married or not don't mind if their love one sees them taking a piss. If the are Fucking in Bed, then he can see her naked. that's the most stupidist thing that i seen on the show of Lamar and Khloe, A DUMB BITCH!

@ Gregory Davis

Dumb gregory u talk too much your an ediot don't post comments like that again loooossseeerrr....


Wake up Lamar, Leave that stupid parodoxical imbecile idiot, she doesn't know what the hell she wants, Fame or A DAMN BABY! , she is an ASS HOLE BITCH! ASS HOLE PORKY PIG BITCH!


What a disgusting woman she is. It's embarrassing how she conducts herself on XFactor. She can't read and she has no people skills..
If she conducts herself in her marriage as she shows herself on this show- Lamar should run for the hills.. Nothing that these people do is real... The worst is that horrific mother. Poor Bruce. It's amazing that that witch isn't considering that her greed is likely to affect the youngest girls. The marriage is fine.. I
Perhaps magazine buyers should not bother buying anything with that family on the cover - I certainly won't. It's one thing when people make things up about celebrities .. It's another to make lies up to become a celebrity.
Please vote her off XFactor America!


Come-On Lamar Wake-Up! Dump that Non Fertile Polluted Pig Khloe Carcinogens... Lets Get On With The IlLegitimate Kids... Stop Wasting Time!!

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